Xbox Dancing Stage and mat bundle for UK

Konami's Dancing Stage Unleashed and Thrustmaster's Xbox dance mat to be bundled together in UK next month.

Konami has today announced that Dancing Stage Unleashed (known as Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix in North America) will be bundled with an Xbox Live-compatible Thrustmaster dance mat for £39.99 ($73) when it's released in the UK next month. The game's Xbox Live features include the abilities to download new dance steps, compare scores on an Internet league table, and compete with other dancers online.

"We are delighted with our close collaboration with Konami UK," said Michael Flanagan of Thrustmaster UK. "In the current climate of dancing fever on consoles, our common purpose was to match the releases of Konami's game and of our dance mat controller in order to offer the most fun and excitement to Xbox users."

"Konami UK is happy to join forces with Thrustmaster for the release of our latest dance game for the Xbox," added Jon Murphy at Konami of Europe. "Thrustmaster's commitment to product quality and know-how in peripherals for the Xbox ensures Dancing Stage Unleashed offers players perfect gameplay and ultrarealistic dancing sensations."

The UK version of the game will ship with more than 20 different tunes for players to dance to, including both Konami-produced tracks and licensed songs, like Blondie's Call Me, The Shaman's Ebeneezer Goode, The Inspiral Carpets' Saturn 5, and The Wonderstuff's Size of a Cow. For more information, check out our previous coverage of Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix, which has been available in North America since November.

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