Xbox 360 Slim shipping now, Kinect due Nov. 4

E3 2010: [UPDATE] Microsoft trimmed console boasts 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi, more for $299; motion-sensing add-on launching with 15 games, including Harmonix's Dance Central, possible $150 price; Crytek, ESPN partnerships; new Forza in 2011; full video inside.

LOS ANGELES--Last year, Microsoft pulled out all the stops for its Xbox 360 press conference at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Besides bringing out the two surviving Beatles to promote their eponymous Rock Band game, the software giant took the wraps off a slate of titles, including Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. It also unveiled Project Natal, its camera-based motion-sensing system that will allow users to play games and control the 360 dashboard without a controller.

Microsoft will hopefully have hard information about Kinect on Monday.

Microsoft is treating Natal's October launch like that of a new console, even giving the system its own dedicated "premiere" at this year's expo with the help of the French-Canadian circus troupe Cirque du Soleil. At that event, the system's final name--Kinect (pronounced "connect")--was unveiled after some dizzying acrobatics and lavish spectacle.

As for the main event, anticipate more details on Gears of War 3, the capper to the 12-million-selling, third-person action series. Multiple all-new titles are expected to be revealed as well, and rumors are circulating that a new, slimmer version of the Xbox 360 itself may make its debut at the event. The new console was apparently outed early on Sunday evening, thanks to an Italian-language banner ad promoting its 250GB hard drive and built-in wi-fi capabilities.

Come back Monday morning for a live blog of Microsoft's press briefing, or watch a live video stream of it on GameSpot's E3 2010 event page.

[10:06] After nearly a 1/2 hour sitting outside in the sun on the Xbox 360-white carpet--which had a reflective quality akin to snow--sweaty attendees were finally let into the Wiltern Theater.

[10:11] Underneath a huge screen, the stage features several raised round daises (that's the plural of "dais" not a a bunch of flowers). Each dais has several custom-made couches. Several standard white Xbox 360s grace the stage, along with about five Kinect units. Several are under glass, so they may just be for show.

[10:13] The seats are filling up now. The front of the balcony--there is no floor seating--is reserved for VIPs. Executives glad-hand each other and talk shop next to a small army of game journalists hammering away on their laptops.

The stage is set for the show. Almost.

[10:30] The audience gets the mandatory "turn off your cell phones" warning. This thing should hopefully finally be starting up soon…

[10:31] "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Xbox 360 global media briefing" down go the lights.

[10:32] And here comes a Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer.

[10:33] Commandos doing commando-y things on screen: rappelling, shooting, fighting.

The show opens with a CoD: Black Ops trailer.

[10:33] Lots of vehicular combat. Base jumping, wait, was that a crossbow?! Yep. A commando just took out a group of people with a Dukes of Hazzard-style crossbow.

[10:35] Treyarch's Mark Lamia on stage now with a demo of the game. It's inside a tunnel in an underground Vietcong complex. Detail is high--there's even rats running around.

A Black Ops Vietnam tunnel demo is being shown.

[10:36] Player's buddy is killed by a VC, who is promptly dispatched with a pistol.

[10:37] "In the interest of time" card lets the action fast-forward. This is an exact mirror image of the Modern Warfare 2 demo at last year's E3.

[10:38] A commando assaults an airfield. He and a comrade then steal a helicopter, with the player controlling both guns and the copter's motion.

Treyarch's Mark Lamia seems to be enjoying himself during a helicopter level in Black Ops.

[10:39] After a relatively calm liftoff, all hell breaks loose. The helicopter takes out VC-held villages, boats, and antiaircraft positions.

[10:39] This looks like Apocalypse Now on steroids.

[10:39] Demo ends.

[10:40] Microsoft SVP Don Mattrick comes out.

[10:41] Announces a new multiyear deal with Activision, which will see all Call of Duty expansion and map packs debut on the Xbox 360. The deal goes though 2012.

[10:41] Mattrick lets us know this event is being broadcast on the Times Square jumbotron. Wave everybody!

Don Mattrick is not a man who needs to wear a tie.

[10:42] Mattrick plugging Kinect again, as well as Microsoft's core lineup.

[10:42] Hideo Kojima comes out of nowhere.

[10:43] Kojima talks about his upcoming multiplatform title Metal Gear Rising, and to show off the first footage of the game.

[10:44] Producer Shigenobu Matsuyama takes the stage, Kojima exits.

[10:44] Lights go down, trailer begins with a closeup of a knife in typical cinema style.

Kojima on stage.

[10:45] A heavily armored soldier is cut in half by Raiden.

[10:46] Raiden then takes the soldier's spine, which he draws power from.

[10:46] Quick montage of Raiden slicing up enemies in mid-air with his sword. "Cut what you will" is the tagline.

[10:47] Out comes Phil Spencer, chief of Microsoft Game Studios.

[10:48] He's here to beat the core gamer drum, talking up Fable III, Gears of War 3, and Crackdown 2.

Guess who's about to be cut in half? Hint: it's not Raiden.

[10:48] It's the "Only on Xbox 360" section of the show. Enter Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games to talk Gears 3.

[10:49] A live demo of four-person story-based co-op is in the cards.

[10:49] Two of the soldiers in the game are female.

[10:50] Cut to Marcus Fenix emerging from a wrecked truck. He skewers a locust with a bayonet.

Cliffy B about to demo Gears 3.

[10:50] Two more Locust go down and Fenix helps a teammate, who hands him a gun.

[10:51] A HUGE worm-like creature, the lambent, emerges from the ground.

[10:51] Part of it breaks off and mutates into a many-headed hydra-like creature, after ripping limb from limb one of its fellow Locusts.

[10:52] Several more lambent sprout out of the ground, and Marcus dispatches them in a bloody mess.

Not looking good for Delta Squad.

[10:54] Then the group then encounters a lambent berserker. Several tentacles sprout from the monster's back. Cue a hammer of dawn strike which seems to take care of the beast…

[10:55] Then it hops over a wall and right at the camera. The demo ends. Bleszinski says that Epic will unveil a new mode called "Beast" on the show floor.

[10:56] Enter Peter Molyneux to talk Fable III, which he says will ship on October 26.

The Halo: Reach campaign is unveiled.

[10:56] The game looks influenced by the Revolutionary War, with soldiers with muskets marching. It will be a tale of two brothers apparently.

[10:57] "It's a revolution" is the tagline. Lots of cannon fire and swashbuckling.

[10:57] Spencer is back, to announce an all-new 360 exclusive from an independent studio that is Microsoft's newest partner.

[10:57] The live-action trailer shows a very God of War-like warrior covered in wounds.

[10:57] Whoa--the CRYTEK logo comes up.

[10:58] Three warriors walk toward camera. The project is called "Codename: Kingdoms."

[10:59] Lights come up and it's Halo time. The series has sold 34 million units life to date.

Time to talk Kinect.

[11:00] Out comes Bungie's creative director Marcus Lehto to show off Halo: Reach.

[11:00] He treats the audience to a peek at the start of the game's campaign.

[11:00] After some deep-space shots, the camera pans over to frame the Earth-like Reach, Oceans and all.

[11:01] Cut to gameplay footage, which has a four-person squad looking up at a massive assault from the sky.

[11:01] They encounter several Elites, who are fast and scary. No buddy-buddy Arbiter stuff here.

It wouldn't be an MS briefing without Halo, would it?

[11:03] After fighting through a platoon of jackals with shields, they enter the bunker. There, the player performs a nasty stealth kill with a knife, for which the view switches to third person for an animation.

[11:05] The player then gets inside a space shuttle of sorts and flies away, entering orbit. He flies into a full-blown space battle. Huge Covenant cruisers engage UNSC ships.

[11:05] After a hail of massive plasma plumes, the trailer ends, flashing the already announced September 14 launch date.

[11:08] It's now time to talk about Xbox Live, which has 25 million members.

Showing off the voice commands with Kinect.

[11:08] The Microsoft rep segues to Kinect, which will indeed recognize you. Its platform will be powered with a motor.

[11:08] Live demo of Kinect now. The demonstrator walks into a living room and puts the device through its paces. He shows how it can be controlled not only with movement, but with voice commands. He says "Zune" and the Zune menu pops up.

[11:09] He selects a movie, the recent take on Alice in Wonderland, and fast forwards it with his hands. He then pauses and plays it with his voice, saying "Xbox, play" and "Xbox, stop."

[11:10] "Xbox, play music," and a Justin Bieber track comes up.

[11:11] He quickly changes it to a soul song, which has the video playing in the background.

[11:12] Kinect and Xbox Live will be available in all countries where the Xbox 360 is sold.

[11:12] Now it's time for some "completely new experiences."

Kinect video chat at work!

[11:12] VideoKinect is one.

[11:13] The demonstrator comes out into another fake living room to show how Kinect will let user video chat with friends. She navigates the menus by waving in the air. Very Minority Report.

[11:14] She "calls" her twin sister in text by touching her icon. Her cheery sister picks up, and the two watch a video together.

[11:14] The chat has a Bing-powered menu bar at the bottom, which will let players choose topics.

[11:16] The demo then shows how the motorized base of the Kinect camera will track the user, making the camera pivot to keep them in the shot.

[11:16] Demonstration ends, and the ESPN logo appears on the screen alongside the Xbox 360 logo.

ESPN is coming to Xbox 360.

[11:17] College football, NBA, MLB, soccer, and NFL will all be available.

[11:18] The deal is exclusive, and the service will offer over 3,500 live and streaming sports event.

Is this a Microsoft event or an episode of SportsCenter?

[11:19] Sportcenter hosts Trey Wingo and Josh Elliot take the stage.

[11:20] They demonstrate the service with Kinect with both their voices and hands. They command it to rewind an Ohio State game by saying "Xbox. Replay." Certain other interactive features will be available, include the ability to pick a team to root for.

[11:21] Pop-up trivia games will let viewers test their knowledge. A pop-up box will also offer scores of other games, which users can select.

Kobe is excited to see E3 across the street from Staples Center every year.

[11:22] This will all be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers at no additional cost--wow. Some major money definitely changed hands.

[11:23] On stage comes Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda.

Welcome back, Kudo.

[11:24] Six Kinect games are being shown off.

For those who are wondering, the tiger's name is Skittles.

[11:26] A ridiculously cute little girl gets on stage to demonstrate Kinectimals. She puts a tiger cub through its paces solely with voice commands. Then she lies down and plays dead, and the cub imitates her. The girl then hides and the cub looks for her.

[11:26] She commands the cat to go fetch its jump rope--what kid of cat does that?--and then jumps rope with it.

[11:26] Kinectimals box shows that Kinect games will have a purple box.

[11:29] Here comes Kinect Sports. The first activity is…a crowd amping game? As the demonstrator hams it up on stage, the crowd responds by going wild. Next, it's a foot race, for which a second demonstrator gets on stage. They run in place furiously to make their XBL avatars run.

Kinect Sports.

[11:29] The movement did not appear to be directly tied to the movement of their legs.

This is what you will look like playing Kinect. Dress accordingly.

[11:30] Kinect Sports will have bowling, ping pong, boxing--any of this sound familiar. It will also have beach volleyball.

[11:31] Next up is Kinect Joy Ride, a racing game which will lets players control a car with an invisible wheel.

Kinect Joy Ride: No steering wheel required.

[11:32] The gameplay looks like a cross between Mario Kart and Burnout, with gold coins, hidden paths, and boosts.

Joy Ride returns as a Kinect title after being shown as a standard Xbox game last year.

[11:35] Next up is Kinect Adventures. The demonstrator shows off an obstacle course which forces him to duck, bob, and weave. The players also have to jump and knock down balls and avoid levers. When a game is done, it will provide funny snapshots of players' faces as they play.

[11:35] Next up, two women play the whitewater rafting game, which allows the players to literally cloud surf.

Is this the future of video games? Umm.

[11:36] Kinect Adventures will have 20 games in all.

[11:38] Now a montage of third-party Kinect games: First up is a sequel Ubisoft's Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, which will let multiple players work out together.

[11:38] Felicia Williams from Ubisoft comes out to promote the game, which will be an Xbox 360-exclusive.

[11:39] Ubisoft's Your Shape fitness game for Kinect.

[11:40] She demonstrates the game, which shows a rough outline of her shape as a shimmering gold specter. The menus, all controller by Kinect, follow her in-game avatar.

[11:40] Out comes a celebrity trainer Michael George.

[11:42] The game will offer classes in all sorts of disciplines, including yoga and martial arts. It will also offer fitness plans and more traditional cardio and strength training. It will offer both low-impact and high-intensity exercises.

Fire Felicia is a lot scarier than regular Felicia.

[11:44] Then it's Zen Training time, which has the demonstrator do some Tai Chi moves while soothing music plays in the background. Many of the stressed out people at E3 could use a bit of this.

Namaste, Felicia.

[11:44] Then the Xbox actually says "Namaste" to the player.

[11:45] Harmonix logo comes up--wait, they're developing Dance Central?

[11:46] A very talented dancer boogies on stage to the Bell Biv Devoe classic. The on-screen avatars are very slick and responsive, corresponding to her every move. Dance moves appear in the right hand of the screen.

Harmonix's Dance Central.

[11:47] Coming this holiday exclusively for 360, says Alex Rigopulos who materializes out of nowhere.

[11:48] The game will feature a wide range of tracks from hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Harmonix worked with real choreographers. It will offer a variety of levels, and dance lessons as well.

[11:48] The game will have stylized avatars that have a very Rock Band look to them.

[11:49] "Hella good" by Gwen Stefani pumps as three players are put through their paces.

There is so much dancing happening right now.

[11:50] This makes Just Dance look crude and simplistic.

[11:50] Phil Spencer back on stage now.

[11:51] Kinect will launch worldwide this holiday, hitting North America on November 4.

[11:52] Spencer announces that LucasArts has struck a deal to make a Kinect-exclusive Star Wars game.

[11:52] A gameplay trailer unspools which supposedly shows real time movement. A Jedi fights through a series of battledroids to face Darth Vader.

Here's the Star Wars Kinect title from Lucasarts.

[11:53] Coming 2011.

[11:53] Turn 10's Dan Greenwalt takes the stage now to show off a Forza game which will support Kinect.

[11:54] A Ferrari takes a few laps while being controlled by an imaginary steering wheel.

[11:55] The graphics are slick, the motion is fluid.

Staring down a Ferrari using Kinect.

[11:56] Car fetishists will be please to know the game will let players inspect in-game cars as they would a real car. A demonstrator walks around a Ferarri, and the angle moves with him.

[11:56] He opens the hood, inspects the brakes, and then gets into the car and inspects the dials.

[11:56] It's coming 2011--no official title yet.

[11:57] Don Mattrick is back to talk about the 10th anniversary of the Xbox 360 will be the biggest year for the Xbox 360.

[11:57] He talks up interactive entertainment, talks Xbox Live, and Kinect--hitting all the bases.

[11:59] "A brand new era for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live"

[11:59] He picks the white console to reveal the Xbox 360 Slim.

[11:59] It's got built in N wireless WiFi, 250GB hard drive.

[12:00] And it ships to retailers today, maintaining the $299 price tag.

[UPDATE] Microsoft has since confirmed that the Xbox 360 Slim will be available in Europe starting July 16.

The new Xbox 360 unveiled.

[12:00] And--wow, everyone in the audience gets a free 360 Slim.

[12:00] The crowd goes BERSERK.

[12:00] New Xbox 360 will be whisper-quiet.

[12:00] And that's it!

[UPDATE 2] Following Microsoft's media briefing today, the publisher offered a handful of new details on the now-shipping Xbox 360 Slim. The 250GB, $299 console will feature a Kinect port built into the back. The rear of the console will also play home to three USB ports, with an additional two connectors in the front. Microsoft also noted that the 360 Slim will benefit from a 45nm chip set and be backward compatible with all previously released peripherals.

One detail Microsoft has yet to announce is pricing information. However, specialty retailer GameStop is currently listing a Kinect stand-alone unit with a $149.99 price tag. GameStop is also listing a $399 Kinect Elite Bundle, which presumably comes with either an Xbox 360 Elite or Xbox 360 Slim, as well as a $299 Kinect Arcade Bundle.

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Honestly facial recognition for the most part I really see little point to with how small technology is. In 5-10 years maybe but now no. voice recognition you don't need kinect for there are many programs that have already beaten them to it. Hell I'm sure sony could add that to the PS3 move through the camera's built in microphone. And yes you could add in a controller to it. but then you'd take the no controller selling point off the table and you'd also see microsoft or another company selling overpriced controllers. And before someone mentions using the standard 360 controller, do you really want to use a controller without a wriststrap especially for those of us who have kids around when they will be moving their arms and hands wildly. Not saying kinect completely sucks, it's a system that can be used by a very small amount of stuff but overall technology like the move and kinect will only help gaming overall as we get closer and closer to virtual reality even the facial recognition part.


@yang4200 following that i know you never had a 360 cuz you don't even know how much it cost to fix one. know what they say right? better to trust a thief than a liar.


@yang4200 lets go back in time a second you don't really have to tho. but seeing as the economy has been taking a crap on ppl you consider the next gen console to be one that was 600 bucks sounds like their deff for the ppl and now everyone has 360 cuz of that. and now you, i wasent attacking you the truth just hurts.


@AirBizkit89 oh wow I got my feeling hurt by a dude who sound so big now cause he attack me online lmao!! go tell mommy your ready to grow up so this xmas you want a actual next gen console


@yang4200 can't imgaine you playing and awesome game like og pacman because you think graphics make the game good


@yang4200 wow your not a fan boy graphics this graphics that shut the 8888 up with graphics and btw you sound like you have no idea what your talking about your just turning an ant hill into a mountain and telling me your life story about console issues pay the 20 bucks for the insurance you cheapskate. mr i have an hd tv and ps3 ya uh huh pfft omg ima valley girl i need pwaaayyy stwaayshinnn pwaaayyy vwiiideooo gammmes your a fee fee yo.


@ CruelLegacey I totally agree! Facial recognition and body movement affecting the game yeah.... Just add the game!! Done. Besides this fan boy war is pretty stupid!!


@tonyalc100 Don't you know how motion sensing cameras work? It's all infra-red. Yes. It would work in the dark...though I can't think of any situation you would play games in the dark seeing as your TV emits quite a bit of light.


@nedrith I think you are missing a major potential difference in the debate between Kinect and the Move/Wii. I have absolutley no interest in motion control of any kind. With the Wii or Move, motion control is what they do... if you don't like it, then they are not for you. So far, all Microsoft has shown for Kinect is full body motion party/kids games. But Kinect also has the ability to work in conjunction with a standard controller. I don't want to play Gears of War with motion control, but sitting on my couch with a contoller in my hands, using Kinect for voice and facial recognition could be cool.


Just got my new 360 slim..... love it! It looks great, it's whisper quiet, and fits nicely next to my PS3 slim. Nice re-design.


ms won E3 come nov 3 the sales will prove it....


@AirBizkit89 I got the game lol thats how I know it got horrible graphic. They should have made it for the ps3 it would have been alot better then the crap wii and what do you mean wait for it on the 360? and I wouldnt buy anything for the 360 if I have a choice dont want the 360 crapping out on me again with the rrod last time that happen it cost me 180 bucks to fix


@yang4200 i agree with you but theyll do it eventually you should still check it out because iv'e never played it online and its one of my favorite games. nothing better than the feeling when you finally take down what you need to take down. tell you man great game regaurdless of the graphics. you should just wait for it on 360


@AirBizkit89 All wii game suck even monster hunter tri, the graphic is so horrible u can barely see crap even on a HD Tv. It would be a ok game if it have better grpahic


the new 360 is already sold out, and it came out not even two days ago.


Why the hell is ur xbox on the floor??!?!????????


What if you have your xbox on the floor and your jumping around with the Kinect. Haha i see many a scratched discs in the near future


Does the Kinect work in the dark? o.O


forgot to add, might want to wait 2-3 years before buying the xrrod slim while they get all the kinks out of it, wouldn't want to pay full price to beta test the hardware.:)


@Eternal_entity, The Wii was better than this microsoft garbage, the PS3's move took the Wii's up a step and made it even better. The sorcery demonstration was just well awesome though that doesn't even describe how great it was. I can't find anything that even makes me want to get Kinect and I own a xbox. yea sure If I want to have a gun in my hand I suppose I could get a toy gun(or a real one) and put it in my hand as the 360 version, But I can see it will be a pain navigating menus and stuff without a controller. I never once was bothered by having to carry the Wiimote and the nunchuck was also a lovely design. Nice to see that microsoft is finally releasing a system as it should of been though still not close unless I'm missing something. 250GB is a start but why stop there, I have a 500 GB in my PS3 at half the cost of their 120GB that they sell. Wireless is a nice addon, but overall the console has to be more open. I love what I can do with my PS3. that and you would of thought they could of sprang for a blu-ray drive finally. they are touting it as a new console why not make it a bit better. Overall the crap will sell, people will still complain about sony's high prices even as they spend twice as much on their xcrap to get even half the features the PS3 has.


wow i was hoping to virtually puncha **** talker that says they can whop my *** in real life but this price is the real punch. 150 bucks with dk zelda golden eye galaxy 2 monster hunter free wii sports - resort imma just get a wii. at least you know the games wont suck if you buy a wii this thing i dunno too much in the poor economic climate.


@watchuwa: Not that I'm saying I agree with this statement, but if anything, it would be stolen from Sony. PS2 had EyeToy, and unless I'm mistaken (which is possible, being human and all), Wii doesn't have any sort of camera or other similar peripheral.


what about games that NEED a controller? i cnat imagine playing an FPS on kinect. How will i be able to thro a grende? Sprint? Switch weapon?


Haha dont know if you know this, but the wii is in black as well! Its fine if you want to buy it, but microsoft is completely alienating their hardcore fans with kinect. All they did was try to shove it down our throats, saying its the next best thing. I have a bad feeling the microsoft is gunna get burned by this thing. and im hoping thats not the case cause i love the 360.


How is this garbage? The Wii was horrible, it uses a "control". The Kinect uses a human and its motions. Plus... the colour is black vs white. How can you choose that nasty white wii when you have the slick black 360?


You might as well pay the extra $50 to buy a WII. I love my 360, but I will NEVER let them have my $150 for this pile of garbage!


free xboxs, way to be oprah microsoft.


Looks like the kinect is gonna give the wii and playstation move a run for their money.


COD black ops is completely innacurate by a historical perspective. none of the guns in that era had any sort of rail system and the most ammo those guns would have per clip is 20, not 30. treyarch messed up.


To anyone who thinks the new 360 is a knockoff: Really? Okay, so, since when does making a better version of a console = a knockoff? How many DS' has Nintendo made? People, this is the same console. The only difference between the new 250gb 360 and your old one is the fact that they updated the hardware and re-did the chassis/case to make it look exciting and to fool you that it's really worth buying regardless if you have an old 360 or not. Oh, and they also made it to help advertise Kinect and stuff. Think about it: the 360 was released in like 2006...4 years ago, technology wasn't as good as it is now. If you own a gaming PC, you'll know how frustrating it can be when you want to buy a top-of-the-line PC, but then in 2 months something better comes out because new parts come out all the time. Anyways, now, the same parts that go in the 360 are much cheaper and they have updated versions of those same parts, but run smoother. In other words, they run smoother, are smaller, and use less power. As you know, the 360 gets a lot of problems, especially in overheating, because of Microsoft's lack of good judgment in releasing the console. Give them a break, it was their 2nd console. Anyways, they had to pay for it. This console (supposedly) is to fix the problems of the old one and then some.


Kinect, a lot of bite for the price, but is it better than the Wii in quality?


Once again the other game companies play catch up. Nintendo is past motion capture and is already moving on the the new 3D (without glasses) format.


I'll reserve judgement on Kinect, simply because of how it may change the industry. I only hope that the standard controller, with buttons and analog stick, still has life left. There is still something unique about swinging a sword, jumping, and shooting with well timed button presses and controlled shoulder button bursts of fire.


microsoft sucks. they stole slim idea from sony and natal idea from nintendo!


It's sold out EVERYWHERE. Good luck to everyone in an attempt at getting one. I heard Lottery, lottery, months wait list etc.... Also, don't be so quick to put your current 360 up for sale as their is already an influx of people doing that via Ebay and Craigslist. Even PS3's are up for sale and cheap. Everyone wants a piece of this. I want mine too, but looks' like I will have to wait for supply to catch up with demand.


I want that new 360 slim, that bad boy looks sexy as hell, the way it looks is so awesome definatly getting one


Hmm let me guess metal Gear solid is a definate Ban for Australia.....


Did anyone else notice how they said the kinect pivots to keep you in frame of its sensors? The Nintendo Wii sensor bar does not do that. Or the voice commands? Again the nintendo wii sensor bar does not do that. Or the fact that there wont be any controllers used at all other than your body? These few things set this apart from the wii and PS3's Move.


does anyone see that M$ got the slim idea from sony 7 the look from alien ware pcs wow how un original they can be


Can't seem to find the bundle. I'd rather right now set up for the bundle and get it all in November. That just makes it twice as special upgrade.


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


Only interesting thing in the conference was Crytek's new game. And we don't even know what the hell it's about.


i was hoping for 1080p xbox slim... still, this will do.


nothing can top the Kinect! batter up....