Xbox 360 gets first download-only title

Marble Blast Ultra to be made available to Xbox Live Arcade customers shortly after system launches.

Microsoft said it was going to be taking the Xbox Live service to the next level with the Xbox 360, and the company looks to make good on that right out of the gate. Today, Microsoft and GarageGames announced the first exclusive Xbox Live Arcade title for the Xbox 360, Marble Blast Ultra.

Marble Blast Ultra is the latest in GarageGames's Marble Blast series, an online arcade action game in which players navigate their marbles through moving platforms and dangerous hazards while collecting gems and power-ups. The game was designed with players of all ages in mind.

Gamers will likely need a hard drive-equipped Xbox 360 in order to download the game. A GarageGames spokesman said Marble Blast Ultra technically would be able to fit on a memory card, but only if the Xbox Live Arcade architecture would allow downloads directly to memory cards.

A specific release date hasn't been named, but the game should be available around the system's launch window. Pricing information for the game has not yet been released.

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