X3: Reunion docks with factory

Egosoft's newest space exploration game for PC lands in stores October 21; Xbox version lost in space.

The latest edition of the X franchise has gone gold, according to publisher Enlight Software. X3: Reunion is scheduled to ship for the PC by the end of the week. Reunion's development was handled by German studio Egosoft, which also developed the two previous games in the series.

X3: Reunion was set to enter new territory for the series when it announced that X3 would be multiplatform. Xbox owners looking to go where no man has gone before in the space exploration game had better rent some Star Trek. A rep for Egosoft today told GameSpot, "At the moment, it is not planned for the Xbox."

In addition to exploring space, gamers will also be able to dominate the galaxy by engaging in space combat against ships or taking on space entrepreneurships. While most games stress fight over finance, a savvy X3 player can cripple foes through commerce by monopolizing resources or industries.

X3: Reunion is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99.

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