X3 enters retail orbit

Diplomatic, economic, and galactic warfare come together in Enlight Interactive's latest space simulation.

The void in the gaming universe that was left after titles like Wing Commander: Privateer and Elite fell by the wayside may soon be filled. Enlight Interactive today announced it has begun shipping X3: Reunion, the latest attempt at combining intergalactic economics, exploration, diplomacy, and space combat into one game.

Picking up where X2: The Threat left off, X3 features a new 3D engine with a new physics model, new ships, and a new dynamic economy that allows players to corner markets and monopolize industries. Adding to the economic complexity are non-player characters that can build factories and trade freely.

Enlight also paid more attention to the story than in previous installments of the series. While the gameplay is still open-ended, it is set in the X-universe, where a galaxy-scale war serves as a backdrop for the discovery of a mysterious disappearing ship, an ancient relic, and ruthless space pirate attacks.

X3: Reunion on the PC is Rated T for Teen and retails for $39.99. An Xbox version of the game was originally planned, but has since been canceled.

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