X2 patch 2

Egosoft releases the second update for their sprawling space sim.

German developer EgoSoft has released the second patch for its ambitious PC space simulation game, X2: The Threat. Available only on EgoSoft's Web site, the patch fixes bugs involving NPC trading and crowded space sectors, tweaks joystick controls and multi-monitor displays, and corrects several incorrect in-game displays. A full list of the patch's fixes can be found here. However, gamers must first register with EgoSoft to receive the patch.

X2: The Threat is the sequel to 1999's X: Beyond the Frontier. Both games are set in the same far future where the human race has sprawled out over our galactic quadrant. Gameplay consist of two aspects: managing interstellar trade within Terran hegemony, and protecting that domain from the titular threat, a bloodthirsty race called the Khaak. GameSpot's preview has more detailed data on the game.

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