X01 Europe: Peter Molyneux shows BC for the Xbox

Peter Molyneux announces a second exclusive Xbox game from a Lionhead satellite at the X01 Europe event in France.

Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux today announced an exclusive Xbox game called BC. The game is being developed by Lionhead's satellite studio Intrepid Games, which is based in the UK. BC was shrouded in mystery for a long time, but it is now known that the game is set in a prehistoric world and can be described as an innovative action game. BC takes some liberties with prehistoric history, and its gameplay boils down to humanity's struggle for survival in a hostile environment populated by deadly dinosaurs and primates. According to Intrepid Games, BC unfolds in a dynamic simulated environment that features a high level of interactivity. The player must unite isolated factions of humankind and create and sustain a new tribal culture. The game emphasizes the use of the natural world, as players must develop the innate skills of each member of the tribe to defeat a simian race.

Molyneux also presented the tentatively titled Project Ego, the other Xbox-exclusive game from Lionhead's satellite program, at the event. Project Ego is being developed by Big Blue Box and looks better every time we see it. In the game, players control a character and must journey from his childhood to his death. When the game was shown at the last E3, its attention to detail was already impressive. For example, when the character is exposed to the sun frequently, his skin is tanned.

BC and Project Ego will both be published under the Microsoft Games label.

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