X01 Europe: Microsoft announces Brute Force

Microsoft releases the first details on its third-person squad-based shooter for the Xbox.

Although the game has appeared on a variety of official Microsoft release lists for some time, little information was known to date about the first-party Xbox game Brute Force. That has changed as Microsoft has announced that the game is a futuristic third-person shooter where players assume control over a squad of mercenaries. At any one time the player will be controlling one of the squad members, while the three remaining members are AI controlled. With the tap of a button players can switch between the individual squad members, which include an assault trooper named Tex, a cyborg-enhanced sniper known as Flint, a stealthy scout called Hawk, and a powerful alien named Brutus. Additionally, at any point, players can also issue a variety of commands to the AI-controlled squad members.

The game's levels are based in four unique worlds. They are the volcanic moon of Shadoon, which is filled with magma; the desert world of Caspian, where several colonies and outposts are located; the Feral homeworld of Ferix, which has giant marshes and swamps; and the outpost of Shrike, a barren landscape hiding a myriad of tunnels and possessing an atmosphere that is slightly harmful to humans. A wide variety of weapons will also be available in the game. Weapons such as miniguns, sonic cannons, flamethrowers, and psychic blasts and accessories like stealth suits and infrared goggles are available in Brute Force.

Featuring a four-player multiplayer mode, Brute Force will be released for the Xbox in spring 2002.

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