X-Men Legends II Character Spotlight: Scarlet Witch

We take a look at the arcane might of the Scarlet Witch in our first character spotlight.

Their genus is homo, their species superior, but most folks simply refer to them as mutants. They are the next stage in human evolution, and though they often look just like everyday people, they are born with strange and wonderful powers that make them feared and hated by many.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is the second Activision action role-playing game starring that wily team of mutant heroes, the X-Men. In the game, the X-Men, led by the world's most powerful psychic, Professor Charles Xavier, form an unlikely partnership with the Brotherhood, a group of evil mutants led by Xavier's nemesis, Magneto, himself an incredibly powerful mutant. The two teams' fragile partnership is based on a common enemy--the crazed Apocalypse who is hell-bent on enslaving or destroying the world, whichever comes first. Both teams will be comprised of characters many of whom, thanks to their unique personalities and epic powers, have proven to be fan favorites over the years. Here we spotlight a few of those characters.

Scarlet Witch

In our first character spotlight for X-Men Legends II, we take a look at the beautiful and mysterious Scarlet Witch.

Real name: Wanda Maximoff
First Appearance: X-Men #4 (original series)

Bio: Few are closer to the master of magnetism than the Scarlet Witch, for she is actually Magneto's daughter. The alluring mutant is known for her signature red costume and her powerful mutant ability to bend probability fields to her will. Initially her powers were thought to be a result of magic; it was only later in her life that the Scarlet Witch found out she was a mutant and that her powers were the result of her genetic structure.

Forget those chicks on Charmed. This is a real witch.

In XMLII, the Scarlet Witch's powers result in some powerful attacks that manifest themselves as beams that she shoots out from her hands or as potent area-of-effect blasts that damage everyone and everything surrounding her. You won't have a problem picking out the Scarlet Witch in a crowd of busy baddie-busting mutants--her flowing red hair and commanding arcane powers make her an obvious force to be reckoned with. If you want to see this crimson powerhouse in action, be sure to check out our media page to watch her character-spotlight movie.

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Scarlet Witch rocks! It would've been nicer if she had more outfits and power, at least more effects with her Reality Shift, she's still cool.