WWE Raw 2 ships for Xbox

THQ and JAKKS Pacific announce the North American release of their latest Xbox wrestling game.


THQ and JAKKS Pacific have today announced the North American release of WWE Raw 2. The wrestling game, which has been developed by Anchor, features more than 60 WWE superstars and allows up to four players to do battle simultaneously. In addition to an all-new season mode, WWE Raw 2 features a number of different match types, including triple threat, fatal four-way, battle royal, hell in a cell, king of the ring, and tables, ladders, and chairs.

"THQ prides itself on creating a unique World Wrestling Entertainment experience on each video game console, and we are excited to release WWE Raw 2 as the next installment of WWE action exclusively for Xbox," said Peter Dille, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for THQ. "With retail success in excess of $350 million in the US alone, THQ continues to strengthen its position as the premier publisher of authentic wrestling games for every console."

"WWE Raw 2 for Xbox has enhanced graphics and gameplay and the deepest story mode to date," said Nelo Lucich, vice president of interactive for JAKKS Pacific. "Now WWE gamers can use the multiplayer feature in story mode. They can choose from an updated roster of more than 60 highly detailed WWE superstars to re-create matches in eight new fully modeled arenas and a variety of new backstage areas."

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