WWE '13 preview event featuring CM Punk!

Several lucky Aussie GameSpotters are joining us for our WWE '13 preview event, featuring CM Punk; now you can be part of it thanks to our live stream!

Hey, wrestling fans--do we have a treat for you! We've partnered with THQ and will be giving a handful of lucky GameSpotters a chance of a lifetime!

You'll get the chance to play WWE '13 early, and seven-time World Champion, two-time winner of the WWE Championship, and cover Superstar of WWE '13 CM Punk will be joining us for a live Q&A session! Fans will also have the chance to ask questions and participate in the autographing segment.

Didn't get in fast enough to score tickets to this exclusive prelaunch party? We will be streaming the event live from the venue in Melbourne, Australia. We're kicking off on Saturday, September 1, from 2 p.m. AEST (Friday, August 31, 9 p.m. PST). Come along, watch all the action, and get involved with the chat!

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okay so i like the gameplay and all but why in the blue hell were they skipping entrances? i mean seriously? especially ones we haven't seen yet.... SMH #WWE13


I played WWE 12 on the Wii and the AI is not well polished enough compare to the last game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw. Hopefully they'll at least improve the AI so when I watch them play on the highest computer setting, it should be much better than before. Anyway, WWE 13 should be much better and hopefully improve the control setting since the N64 AKI control scheme that worked so well. Yuke should still adapt at least some of it and not make it too complex to handle. Lastly, I can't imagine the Gamespot staff would dare to stage their wrestling match if they got the muscle to do it. Perhaps a good work out would work for them.


WWE12 was the only game in years so bad that i couldn't play.

Lucky me i rented.