Writing Assignment - The Perfect Console

In this edition of Chalk Talk we discuss and create the idea of the perfect console.

Your assignment is to write up your editorial focusing on what would make the perfect game console. Deadline to have your entries submitted is Friday, March 22nd by 2:00 pm PT. This week, your community guest writer is -Saigo-.

As the vibrant dawn of a new age of consoles breaks over the horizon, rumors, specs, and speculations begin to slowly cast their lengthy shadows across the realms of our digital lives. Though information is sparse, and more questions arise daily, gamers have begun scavenging for whispers of truth as old grudges fade into obscurity and new lines are drawn in the forlorn ashes of the fanboy burns and taunts of old.

Yet, imagine if you will, a new age of perfection: One console, pristine and magnificent, destined to rule them all. Imagine a console without fault, glorious in gameplay, with features capable of uniting the world in a utopia of pixelated splendor. Image, if you dare, a console worthy of the gaming gods themselves.

What would this console be called? What features would it include? How would it be played? What games would highlight its release and why would it be successful when others have failed?

If you could design the perfect console for the next generation, how would you do it and why? Be as imaginative, idealistic, or as logical as you please and remember to have fun!

Chalk Talk submissions must include the following:
- Entries must be a minimum of 500 words.
- Do not use altered text fonts, colors, and be aware of your formatting.
- Select at least one image to act as your "cover shot".
Submissions due by March 29th at 12:00pm PT in either the comments below or on the GameSpot Writers Round Table

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