Worms 4 burrows into UK stores

PC multiplayer demo now on GameSpot DLX. US version may dig in September 27.

Codemasters today announced that Worms 4: Mayhem for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 has shipped to UK retailers. The game was developed by Team 17, which has been making Worms games for the last decade.

Stateside annelid addicts aren't completely left out. Codemasters also released a multiplayer demo for the game, which is now available for download on GameSpot DLX. The 275MB file features deathmatch and homelands modes over a LAN or the Internet. The publisher also released an overall demo of the game in June, featuring a multiplayer map and a single-player one.

North Americans have been left wondering when they can get their hands on Worms 4: Mayhem. There hasn't been an official announcement regarding the game's release in the US, but one online retailer may have opened the proverbial can of worms. Gamestop.com has a product listing for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions with a September 27 release date. The game is listed as retailing for $19.99, but it's important to note that nothing is yet official.

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