Worms 3D wriggles onto Xbox

Sega's annelid annihilation digs up a debut on the Xbox; strategy game supports Xbox Live for competitive play.

The Worms franchise has enjoyed a long life thanks to its combination of comics and combustion. The childhood fascination with blowing garden creatures to bits lives on with Worms 3D, now available for the Xbox from publisher Sega. Previously released last year on the PC, GameCube, and PlayStation, Worms 3D is the first appearance of the franchise on the Xbox. The game was developed by Team 17, the studio that has made its living digging up Worms games.

As the game suggests, Worms 3D is the series' first foray into the third dimension. Like previous installments, the object of the game is to destroy opponents with a variety of clever weapons, such as flying sheep and holy hand grenades. The game is turn-based, and each attack's trajectory and power need to be accurately calculated to fell foes. Worms 3D also features Xbox Live support.

Worms 3D is rated T for Teen and sells for the budget price of $19.99. For more information on the game, burrow over to GameSpot's previous coverage, or read a full review of the game on another platform.

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