World Wrestling Federation changes name

The Federation goes Entertainment and the WWE is born.

The WWF updated its Web site this weekend, changing almost every single reference to the World Wrestling Federation--or WWF--to WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. In addition, the old WWF logo used on the site has been updated to remove the "F" altogether. Earlier today, the company issued a release on the subject that alludes to the legal proceedings initiated by the United Kingdom-based World Wildlife Fund, which legally has the right to use the WWF abbreviation.

Along with all these changes, which will be rolled out to the public at large on the company's Monday night TV program, WWE Raw, THQ's upcoming licensed products will also bear the new logo and the WWE name. Wrestlemania X8 will be the first title released with the new identity.

WWE Wrestlemania X8 is still on track for a June release.

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WWE WrestleMania X8

WWE WrestleMania X8


I DON'T CARE what it is, just GET THE F OUT.