World Series Baseball 2K1 Release Solidifies

Sega sets a solid release date for WSB 2K1 for the Dreamcast. Will this one actually stick?

Sega of America told GameSpot today that the oft-delayed World Series Baseball 2K1 should finally be available at retailers on July 25. According to company representatives, the game was delayed in order to make several last-minute improvements. Sega would not comment further on the specific tweaks that were made, but it did say that it expects the final release to feature the same visual quality as its other sports releases.

After missing the original July 11 date, the release of the Dreamcast's first baseball game was pushed back to July 18. That release date was subsequently dropped and speculation pointed toward a lengthy delay, perhaps to sometime in September. However, it now seems that eager Dreamcast gamers will only have to wait a few more days for World Series Baseball 2K1.

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