Wipeout Impressions

SCEA shows off a new Wipeout game.

It has been awhile since we’ve heard from the Wipeout series. The most recent release, Wipeout Fusion for the PlayStation 2, was released back in 2002, and it didn’t really capture most of the magic that made the previous Wipeout games--specifically Wipeout XL--such smash hits. Now, Sony is planning to release a new Wipeout game on its new portable system, the PSP.

Footage of the new Wipeout game was displayed at Sony’s pre-E3 press conference. Though not much footage was shown, the game looked reasonably solid, showing a typical group of Wipeout-styled racers screaming down the track. The game looked better than your average PlayStation game, but much of the game’s textures didn’t look so hot. Considering that the PSP won’t be out until next year and that next to no details are available on Wipeout, it’s safe to assume that the game is still very much a work in progress.

We’ll have more on the PSP’s new Wipeout game as it becomes available.

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