Winback PS2 Details

Koei releases specific details regarding the PlayStation 2 version of Winback and brand new screenshots of the game.

Koei has released new screenshots from and further information on its upcoming PS2 release of Winback. When compared with the N64 version, the third-person shooter has been completely overhauled visually. According to Koei, the game now uses real-time smoke, lighting, and shading effects, and more detailed environments and characters have also been added. In fact, more than 4,500 polygons were used on the characters alone, and the controllable characters have 350 motion-captured moves. Also new to the PlayStation 2 version are Japanese and English voices with subtitles, new sound effects, 28 unlockable characters for the game's four-player mode, and smarter AI. The North American version, which is currently slated for a March 2001 release, will include additional enhancements such as a new deathmatch-style one- and two-player bot mode, additional stages for the versus modes, and improved game balance, camera functions, and character animations.

There are four main areas in Winback PS2 - office grounds, office building, abandoned factory, and gulf control center - and a total of 31 stages. Additionally, players will be able to use weapons such as handguns, shotguns, and machine guns, and they can also acquire more powerful weapons such as rocket launchers and silencer-equipped handguns from the enemy.

Winback PS2 is being developed by Omega Force, the creator of Dynasty Warriors 2 for the PS2. The game will be released in Japan in January 2001.

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