Winback 2 E3 2005 First Look

KOEI announced a sequel to its N64 and PlayStation 2 stealth action game at E3 2005. First impressions inside.

KOEI today announced Winback 2, a sequel to Winback, a third-person action game that originally appeared on the Nintendo 64 and which was later ported to the PlayStation 2. We have very little info on the game at this point, save for the fact that it's "packed with Hong Kong cinema style gunplay." A new trailer is also planned for later in the show.

Oddly enough, the new screens and Hong Kong action reference bely a departure from the rather methodical, arcade stealth action of the original game, which mostly featured dashes from cover to cover and shooting from around corners. Stay tuned for more details; when GameSpot gets a peek at the new trailer for the game, we'll update this story with more info.

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