Win prizes with PlayStation All-Stars

To celebrate the upcoming launch of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PlayStation Australia is searching for the ultimate all-star; PS3 and Vita prize packs up for grabs.


PlayStation Australia is giving fans a chance to claim the title of Ultimate All-Star in a fight that will take place in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale universe.

To partake in the fray participants must hit "Like" on the PlayStation Australia Facebook page and engage in battle with iconic PlayStation characters; picking their favourites and facing up to 19 rivals every day. Players can earn points by using different moves and recruiting friends into the brawl.

Which fighter will you be taking into combat?

Trash talk isn't out of line either, with participants being granted bonuses for dropping "killer comments" during battles.

Each day of the competition, players will have the opportunity to win PlayStation 3 and Vita All-Star prize packs. Battling with multiple characters also increases your chances of winning. Additionally, all participants go into the draw to win the major prize--a PlayStation experience day.

The participant with the top score at the conclusion of the event on November 23 will claim the title of PlayStation Australia's Ultimate All-Star.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will feature a number of single and multiplayer game modes, as well as cross-platform online play. The game is due for release on November 22 for the PS3 and Vita. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.



I would so do this if I was gonna buy this on launch day but it's probably going to wait a month or 2 before I buy it but when I do I'll be playing the shit out of Sly Cooper and Raiden


...and now I have destroyed the app. Sorry. :D


Okay, now you can colour me confused. I have no idea how this is supposed to work, but KRATOS FTW!!! :D

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Colour me intrigued...