Williams sisters to appear in Sega's tennis sequel

Sega signs Venus and Serena as cover athletes for the sequel to Virtua Tennis.

Sega of America has announced that it has signed Venus and Serena Williams as the official cover athletes for its upcoming sequel to Virtua Tennis. The game will be released in November for the Sega Dreamcast, and the Williams sisters will appear on the game's cover. The sequel will not carry the Virtua Tennis name, but Sega has not announced the official title at this time.

"Sega Sports is thrilled to work with Venus Williams and Serena Williams, two of the most dynamic athletes in sports today," said Martha Hill, director of sports marketing for Sega of America. "Working closely with Venus and Serena, we hope to translate their passion and excitement for the game of tennis into our new video game."

The sequel to Virtua Tennis will be released under the primary Sega Sports brand and will include a larger roster of tennis pros, including female players, and more power-ups and challenges.

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