Will Wright signs TV deal

The creator of The Sims and Sim City has a first-look deal with Fox for TV show ideas percolating at his Stupid Fun Club studio.


For the last couple of years, Will Wright has been experimenting with a variety of entertainment projects with Stupid Fun Club, a studio based in Berkeley, California, that he funds. Now it seems that one of these projects may reach the small screen someday. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wright has signed a first-look development deal with Fox Broadcasting that would give the network the first shot at his TV ideas. The deal may result in a sitcom or something else, and last year Wright did develop several test episodes of a comedy show called M.Y. Robot with Lew Morton, a writer for The Simpsons and Futurama.


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I think a TV sitcom about the Sim's is a bad idea. also I don't like sitcoms.