Wii update bricking systems?

Some new owners of Nintendo's console are reportedly having to send their systems back after downloading a new system update.

Source: A pair of message board threads from Nintendo's official forums, supplemented by other reports from around the Web.

What we heard: Last month, some Xbox 360 owners downloaded the Fall Update to the system's dashboard only to find that it had turned their systems into a giant paperweight. Now it appears that one of the first system updates to the Nintendo Wii has similarly affected a portion of the fledgling console's user base, and Nintendo's official forums have attracted numerous reports of broken Wiis.

Apparently the systems in question began exhibiting problems immediately after downloading updates from the WiiConnect 24 service. Specifically, the systems begin giving out the error code "110213." Several of the posters reported getting through to Nintendo's customer service, only to be told that the problem couldn't be fixed from their end and the consoles would need to be sent in to Nintendo for repairs at the company's expense.

According to the Wii error code troubleshooting page, the troubleshooting advice given for that particular error code is to call Nintendo customer service at (800) 255-3700 to resolve the issue.

It appears that some people are having issues with their systems as a result of the update, but the game giant's lack of comment--or even acknowledgement--of the complaints makes it hard to judge the scope of the problem. Nintendo's customer service line has been bogged down for much of the day, insisting that callers try to reach service representatives at some later time when they aren't so busy.

While GameSpot hasn't been able to confirm the Wii-bricking firsthand--all units in the office run smoothly--problems like this are far from unprecedented. Add to that Nintendo's relative inexperience with releasing online firmware updates, and it's not surprising that a glitch affecting a small percentage of Wii users could slip through.

The official story: As of press time, a Nintendo representative had not returned GameSpot's requests for comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Tentatively not bogus.

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