Wii U out in Singapore and Asia in 2013

Nintendo's new system will be out in Singapore and the rest of Asia starting next month; parallel import systems from US on sale for S$599.

Gamers in Southeast Asia clamoring for a local version of Nintendo's new console may need to wait a little longer.

According to Singapore game stores Qisahn, Funzcentre, and Gamescore, the local version of the Wii U that will be distributed by Maxsoft will only be available on January 2013. Additional details have yet to be divulged at this point in time.

Asia might have to wait until next year to check out Nintendo's new device.

In the meantime, users in Singapore can get the import deluxe version for S$599 ($491) from game stores Qisahn and Gamescore. Qisahn stated on Singapore newspaper Straits Times on its Digital Life inset that it is offering a one year warranty for the imported device. Wii U games sold in Singapore and Asia will still work on these US sets.

Currently, the price for the Wii U starts at $300 in North America. For more information on the device, check out GameSpot's extensive coverage.

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Its already February, anyone know is it out yet? 


I hope they release it in the Middle East soon...

The imported Wii U Pro is being sold for $750 right now!


Wow ! Freaking pathetic .. i want it now !!