Wii Sports bundle inbound for Australia

Nintendo Australia to release both Wii Sports games onto one disc for A$69.95.

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Back in June of this year, Nintendo Australia swapped out Wii Sports for Mario Kart Wii as the bonus game to ship alongside Wii consoles. Since then, the only way for new Wii owners to get their hands on the first game has been through secondhand stores like eBay. To rectify this, Nintendo Australia is rereleasing Wii Sports and bundling it with its sequel.

From December 1, a Wii Sports bundle will be available for A$69.95 and contains both the original Wii Sports game and its sequel, Wii Sports Resort, on the one disc. The bundle will be available for a limited time until stock sells out.

Also selling in the lower A$69.95 price range is Go Vacation and Kirby's Adventure.

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