Who framed Mario?

Mario is framed for vandalizing the island, and we might have a suspect.

GameSpot has learned new details on the upcoming GameCube title Mario Sunshine. As the story goes, Mario takes a vacation on an island, only to be accused by the inhabitants of vandalizing the island's buildings with graffiti. Players will take control of the plumber to find out who has framed Mario. In this week's issue of the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, there were a few clues as to who might be responsible. The suspect looks a lot like Mario himself, except that he is basically composed of water (think of it like a water blob morphed into the shape of Mario). He also wields a paintbrush and leaves a signature letter "M" with two dots right above it whenever he strikes. Though we still have no name for the suspect, he most likely plays a key role in the game.

Mario Sunshine for the GameCube is due out July 19 in Japan.

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