Whistle blows for Dance Factory

New game from Codemasters lets players dance to the beat of their own drum...or trumpet, accordion, or sitar.


Dance Factory

The problem with dance-based rhythm games is that no developer gives props to beat junkies like Perry Como, Ravi Shankar, or Jimmy Sturr. Polka kings, crooner fans, and aficionados of any genre will finally to be able to get their digital groove on with Dance Factory, announced for the PlayStation 2 by Codemasters today.

Dance Factory isn't limited to a preset list of tracks like other dance games. Instead, would-be flygirls and flyguys insert their own CDs into the PS2, and Dance Factory will track down the beats and prep a routine for each song. The game will also create animated backgrounds and visuals specifically for each track.

The game will also include three additional modes to make dancing healthy, exhausting, and unique. A fitness mode helps gamers shed pounds with a calorie counter to let players know how much of last night's banana split has split. An endurance mode lets dancers dance on and on 'til the break of dawn by challenging them to shake it through an entire CD, with bonus points awarded for accuracy. Finally, a recorder mode lets gamers plan their own routines for their favorite tracks.

Dance Factory is scheduled to boogie into stores in April 2006.

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