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Which Game Console Should You Buy in 2014

Pick a side. Or pick a few.

Keen to purchase a new console or system this year but don't know which one to buy? Have you finally decided it's time to upgrade from your Game Boy Color and you're confused about what all the current and next-gen systems have to offer? Never fear! GameSpot's editors have banded together to tell you about all of the positives for each of the currently available systems, including what games you can play, what the hardware is like, and what the future holds for each console. Check out the links below to find out out more about the 3DS, Wii U, Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and see which console (or consoles) is the right fit for you in 2014.

Why You Should Buy A Vita -- Tom Mc Shea

The Vita's impressive hardware, robust streaming solutions, and varied library have made it my go-to system, and it's clear to me that anyone who loves games would adore one once they give it a chance.

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Why You Should Buy a 3DS -- Peter Brown

The 3DS has turned the corner, and Nintendo isn't looking back. There are currently 35 million 3DS owners worldwide, and if you can't count yourself among the 3DS-equipped, there's no better time to join the party than 2014.

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Why You Should Buy an Xbox 360 -- Shaun McInnis

The library of games available for Microsoft's console is absolutely massive. If a third-party game was released within the past eight years, chances are it was released on the Xbox 360.

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Why You Should Buy a PS3 -- Justin Haywald

If you’re on the fence about upgrading to the next-gen consoles, the PlayStation offers every excuse to just wait. There’s plenty to play until the next-gen consoles fall in price next year, and by then, there’ll also be a lot more can’t miss titles for the upgraded consoles.

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Why You Should Buy A Wii U -- Martin Gaston

There's an opportunity here for the Wii U to take more of a complementary role, because of this: the Wii U is home to first-party Nintendo games. Nintendo games, you see, are wonderful.

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Why You Should Buy a PS4 -- Mark Walton

The PS4 is well-built machine, with a thoughtful UI and a lineup of great games. But it's what's coming up that makes it so enticing.

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Why You Should Buy An Xbox One -- Maxwell McGee

Buying an Xbox One today means buying a powerful, well-rounded machine that sports a great lineup of games and a suite of apps that enhance your games and movies rather than distract from them.

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Why You Should Buy A PC -- Kevin VanOrd

While companies have struggled to create a gaming machine that has universal appeal, they overlooked the obvious: the PC is that machine already.

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