What Items Does Dark Souls 2’s Explorer Class Start With?

Sweet swag.

So you’ve just started Dark Souls II, and you’re trying to decide which class is for you. Most of the classes seem fairly straightforward, but then you come across the explorer class. The description simply reads: “Well-travelled explorer. Not terribly powerful, but has many items.” What exactly are those items? And is this a worthwhile class to start out with?

Given there’s no way to see exactly what items the explorer starts with, you’re going to have to commit to the class before you find out. The only other alternative is to… read this article, where we’ve listed exactly what items you’ll get with the explorer.

The explorer starts with:

  • 20 lifegems--slightly restores HP
  • 8 witching urns--explodes to deal magic damage
  • 4 aromatic ooze--apply magic to right-hand weapon
  • 1 repair powder--restore equipment durability
  • 2 rusted coins--temporarily boost luck
  • 5 prism stones--emits light, and marks one’s path
  • 1 Pharros’ lockstone--activate Pharros’ contraption
  • 1 petrified something--a petrified object that is pleasant to touch
  • 1 spell quartz ring--increases magic defense

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dammit where is the pyro class!


I wish anyone brave enough to play this class the best of luck :P