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What Did We Learn From The New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer?


Back in black.

Warner Bros. has officially unveiled the next chapter in the Arkham game series today, with Batman: Arkham Knight confirmed for the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 for release sometime in 2014. Our first glimpse at the latest adventure of the Dark Knight came in the form of a trailer, and while it didn't feature gameplay, the trailer still contained a few tantalising hints about what we can expect. So we asked GameSpot's Batman-loving editors to put on their fancy Riddler question mark bowler hats and uncover whatever secrets or influences they could uncover in the announcement trailer.

Check out our original news piece here: Batman: Arkham Knight announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC.

The Familiar and the New

"Given the way that the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight starts with a heavily distorted voice threatening the citizens of Gotham, my immediate thought was that Rocksteady is leaning heavily on the Nolan films for influence, for this trailer if not for the game it represents. Since he threatens to unleash the citizens' "greatest fears," we can infer that the voice belongs to Scarecrow, not to Bane, but the nods to the Nolan films don't end there. The Batmobile we see in the trailer resembles the Tumbler of the Nolan films far more than it does the sleek Batmobile of the Burton films or other incarnations of the vehicle. The shaky-cam cinematography with which car chases and fistfights are framed, and the way that cars look like real-world cars, suggests to me that, like Nolan's Gotham, the Gotham of this game might try to feel less stylized and more realistic than the Gotham of the previous Arkham games."

"The ending of Arkham City left the criminal landscape of Gotham in a fascinating place. The Joker is seemingly out of the picture, but Harley Quinn is still out there, and as a discarded pregnancy test in Arkham City indicates, the Joker's legacy might literally be living on. In the vacuum left by the Joker's defeat, there would be plenty of opportunities for the city's remaining villains to capitalize on the situation, and indeed, the trailer paints a picture of a city at war, its citizens terrorized, its police essentially under siege. The downloadable add-on for Arkham City, Harley Quinn's Revenge, was disappointing, but did give us a sense that Bruce Wayne is in a dark place psychologically, that his battle with the Joker has left him shaken. I hope that Arkham Knight follows up on this and gives us a Batman who is struggling with his own demons as well as the criminal elements of the city."

"You can't make an Arkham game without the immensely satisfying combat and stealth elements that are the series' hallmark, but as Arkham Origins demonstrated, you can't just rely on those elements and expect it to be enough. Clearly, Rocksteady knows this, and are attempting to invigorate the series in this chapter with open-world driving elements. This gives me hope that the game might feel familiar in all the right ways without feeling overly familiar, like Origins did. I'm curious to see how Rocksteady is meshing the vehicular aspects with the wonderfully enjoyable ways you've gotten around the city in earlier games, grappling and soaring from rooftop to rooftop. If the developer can hold on to everything that was great about Arkham before and introduce these new elements in a way that doesn't interfere with what we all want and expect from an Arkham game, Arkham Knight could be something really special." -- Carolyn Petit

Batman sure has a sweet ride.

Car Trouble?

"I'm simultaneously excited and worried about this new Batman game after watching the trailer. How can I not be a little giddy at the thought of roaring through the streets of a massive Gotham City in my Batmobile? And since there's a car, doesn't it stand to reason that there might also be a flying Batplane hidden somewhere in the game?"

"But just like the Arkham series' amazing close-quarters combat, the earlier Batman games shined because they were so confined. Generally, the more a game opens up, the more empty and sparse it becomes (unless that game is Grand Theft Auto). And with a size that has to come close to the New York analogue in Grand Theft Auto IV, and a city that'll probably be under lockdown in order to keep you from exploring too far, will there be enough to explore to keep me excited, or will it just feel like a big obstacle that stands in the way of getting from Point A to Point B? The previous Arkham games felt like they were just at the limit of balancing how much game world I'd want to explore versus having interesting things I'd want to do. And driving the artistically aged streets of L.A. Noire was fun the first couple times, but it just became an auto-travel chore after the first few missions. Of course, the car in L.A. Noire wasn't equipped with rockets and a wide array of high-tech weaponry. Rocksteady has a crazy reputation to live up to, their own. But I'm mostly just excited that Batman is back in the hands of the studio that made me fall in love with Batman games in the first place." -- Justin Haywald

Open-world influences?

"Success in the video game industry means growth. When developer Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum descended upon our consoles back in 2009 it captured our hearts with its easy-to-play, fun-to-watch combat and Nolan-esque tone. Then Arkham City came along and went open world, and Arkham Origins after that introduced the series to asymmetrical multiplayer. So where does Arkham go from there? Rocksteady isn’t tipping their hand just yet--returning villains and a driveable Batmobile aside--but if you look to other open world games on next-gen hardware you might get some ideas."

I'm curious to see how Rocksteady is meshing the vehicular aspects with the wonderfully enjoyable ways you've gotten around the city in earlier games.

Carolyn Petit

"Take Dead Rising 3 for example. It had a massive, vehicle-filled city as well where you could drive from end to end without hitting a load screen. I doubt mowing down hordes of zombies in the Batmobile is in the cards, but the developers could spice up the driving with street races or by chasing down fleeing criminals. On the other hand, the upcoming Watch Dogs makes interesting use of their companion app by letting players help, or hinder, you from their smartphones. The Arkham series already has Oracle serving as Batman’s backup, and it would be interesting to see her hacking abilities put in a player’s hands as a way of providing cooperative play." -- Maxwell McGee

What other sorts of inspirations do you think Rocksteady will draw upon for this next Arkham game? Share your best guess in the comments below.

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    Im so glad they're finally adding the Batmobile into the franchise. Its fun to glide all over the city but you can't have Batman without his car.


    Ewwww... harley and joker did the nasty?


    We learnt there will be a new Arkham game and that it could be pretty sweet...and that's all we need to know! I don't get this obsession with wanting to know everything about a game before it's even come out. I don't want to know every little detail about what happens and what you can do; I want to find that out for myself! Just give me the basics (there's a Batmobile, it's five times the size of City) and that will be fine. Give us another cinematic trailer and a standard gameplay demo, just to see what the graphics are like and that will do nicely.

    And Origins wasn't the best of games, but it was good enough (although the constant freezing and the corrupted save file halfway through tried to ruin it). But it was pretty obvious it was just a stop-gap until this game came out


    People moaning and complaining about Arkham Origins. I found the game enjoyable. I do not know why most of the critics and general gamers do not like the game ? :O

    I have a very high expectations from Arkham City and I am sure Rock-steady would have played smart.


    I couldnt help but chuckle at the comments being made here. So many people crapping on Batman Origins but back in the GameSpot review its filled with pissed gamers defending it. Ah but they say hind-sight is 20/20 and I am assuming that a lot of those "this game will be great", "I haven't played it yet but I know awesome when I see it", "fk you Carolyn" commenters now sit silently with egg on their faces. Only comforted by the fact that a third party developer made the game and not Rocksteady.

    Ill be interested in the shit storm the review for this game causes. Hooray for sequels!


    The trailer definitely seems great but we have not seen any scene for the game style. I hope this Arkham season contains Bat-mobile opportunity to play freely and move faster around the city instead of jumping among the buildings. In my opinion, the stealth gaming style in Batman Arkham Origin was fantastic. I hope the new season has more enhancements for stealth techniques within open-world and not only limited to specific area such as adventure within building and so on.


    Arkham again? really? No, I mean... Really? can't do developers something else? Oh! but now we're going to drive the batmovile... really?


    << LINK REMOVED >> The game is exclusive to next gen consoles and PC. This will not be the same experience again. They have the ability to craft a much larger world now. Honestly, Origins should never have happened, then this game would simply be the finale of Rocksteady's trilogy and wouldn't be coming right off the heels of the previous game, but as they've already said, this IS the end of the Arkham series.



    The end after 4 games, no matter if Origins wasn't made by Rocksteady, for me its just another hook to "force" us to change to "new" generation


    we learned that this is the true next game after city


    It better not be like Batman Origins. That game was a step backward for the franchise and Arkham Knight better not follow in their footsteps.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Rocksteady didn't make Origins...


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I am aware Rocksteady didn't make Origins. However, even though Rocksteady clearly made 2 awesome Batman games. Arkham City had some serious optimization bugs when it was released and started the trend that Origins followed.

    I don't want RS to copy anything that WB Montreal did except for maybe some art design.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Uh, what? Serious optimization issues? I played Arkham City on the exact same hardware that I used to play Arkham Asylum at 720p (actually a little more than that: 1280*800) with all the graphic prettiness save one thing that my computer did not support turned on full.

    Played it with those exact same settings in Arkham City, so it was at least as optimized as Arkham Asylum.

    As to Arkham Origins, I have not bought it yet (waiting for it to go on 1/4th price Steam special sale before I bite) but I have friends who bought it when it was on 1/2 price on Steam.

    It plays well, is about as fast on equivalent hardware as Asylum/City were. A few bugs (which have been fixed for the most part) but nothing really uber serious.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Gonna have to see. I trust that RS will make a great game.


    So, no definitive answer on what they have "learned" other than their thoughts on the Batmobile? Thanks for the news update....


    I've learned that game companies are still trying to fool us with CG movies.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 999,999,999,999,942 times, SHAME ON...


    Just make a batman beyond game already


    << LINK REMOVED >> after this they HAVE to make that game


    << LINK REMOVED >> I know!!! I also want a batman beyond movie and game! Also a Superman game would be awesome


    << LINK REMOVED >> Superman is about 99.9% indestructible unless you have kryptonite. Its hard to make a compelling story for a game when virtually nothing can hurt the hero. He's too powerful. Best to leave him to comics and film.


    @leakingdogmilk << LINK REMOVED >>


    We learnt that it was going to be facking awesome, that's what we learnt! :)


    We learned that death sentence of the ps3 its signed


    Rocksteady back in the picture. Next gen only release. Yes, this should be good.


    why do we only get to play as Harlequin for a short time?? i smell misogyny!!


    What Did We Learn From The New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer?

    That in this one they made the city a bit bigger again. made another excuse for there to be no citizens and you get to drive around in batman's go-cart. At least Conroy is back and it's not a prequel this time.


    ... Street Races? In a batman game? How about no. Laughable.


    << LINK REMOVED >> It wouldn't really be racing, but more like chasing.



    << LINK REMOVED >>[gallery]/1/


    trailer looks great.. and now we have a bat car and who knows it just might convert into a bike too.. high hopes for this game


    i hope Gotham is like the one from origins because that would be really fun to drive around in, as it's layout is very vertical. i wanna drive off highways onto roof tops of lower buildings than drive off those into the lower slums.


    Will this turn out like the last one? where they rather push out dlc instead of Fix bugs?


    << LINK REMOVED >> Warner Bros. Games Montréal made Arkham Origins - this game is made by Rocksteady who also made the first two games in the series. Arkham Knight should be a lot smoother than Origins, because Rocksteady have been living up to their name so far... or they may fail horribly - if so, it wouldn't be the first time a great development studio falls from grace. Only time will tell ;-)


    << LINK REMOVED >> Different developer f***stick. Check the facts.


    We learned that they intend to milk the franchise for what it's worth.




    We learned that a game that deserved a sequel or 2 is becoming an annualized franchise by a greedy publisher. Exploit us please!


    << LINK REMOVED >> I skipped the last one as it sucked big time which should not be part of the Arkham series...

    That last one was utter garbage and this one is returning to its roots... this is gonna be so effin good


    << LINK REMOVED >> Well said. And let's cut out the rubbish, "This is the last game." PUHLEASE. If it sells well, and it will, they'll find a way to add another installment.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I think it was stated that this would be the last Batman game from Rocksteady studios - I might not remember it correctly, though. But there's definitely going to be more Batman/Arkham games. However, I do think we're going to see them from other development studios than Rocksteady after this one.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Half Life 2 and its episodes sold well.

    Don't be so cynical this isn't EA and if the publisher was ok with no multiplayer then it's clearly not pressurising them too much.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> EA didn't do anything but distribute the game to consoles. Valve is very much in charge.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Ironically, when I look at my copy of the Orange Box I can clearly see EA's logo. Last reminder of time when EA didn't completely suck balls.


    << LINK REMOVED >> i dont count the last batman game as a part of the series, this is the sequel to arkham city and it comes out three years after it


    And the milking begins ಠ_ಠ


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Sounds kinky...


    << LINK REMOVED >> This is the last game in the series. Read their first article about it.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>If you believe it's the last game, I have ocean-front land in Kansas for you.


    I don't like how GameSpot constantly call RockSteady's style as something borrowed from Nolan's movies. I think their style is quite unique and different. Though the games may have slight touches, but they are neither "heavily leaned" upon his movies nor "Nolan-esque" in any sense.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I really don't see much Nolan in the Arkham series either. Of course there's going to be similarities as they both deal with the same source material, but other than that they are two different takes on the Dark Knight and the Batman universe - both of which I think are great, though.


    The actual theme of this game character copied from Tamil Comic called Mayaavi

    In English they called batman funny .


    I'll probably get this game because I want to see the pure next-gen potential, instead of last(current)-gen and next-gen cross games. I know there are a few games coming out only for next-gen consoles and PC, but I'd really like to see how Batman turns out.

    Also, about Joker. I think it's best that he doesn't come back to life or anything like that. I'm not too sure about the idea of the whole Arkham series' main villain being Joker. It worked out well for Asylum and City, okay for Origins but I don't know how well Joker being behind Knight would be integrated, even if it's Rocksteady.

    And, for a final note, Rocksteady doesn't seem to be following the same formula for Knight as they did with Asylum and City. It seems to have more of an Origins tone to it. Maybe the Nolan-esque world of Batman has an effect on this. When it comes to a video game version of Batman, I think I'd like to see the Asylum and City feeling coming back for this one. More graphical/dark rather than realistic.

    I'll get this game just like all the rest of the Arkham series. So, fingers crossed.


    I want to see the Wayne Mansion in this game is that possible


    Harley looks soo cute and sexy


    << LINK REMOVED >> yea, she looks different but in a good way


    I do not know how good the game will be, but this trailer was spectacular. Even made me want to go back to 360 and finish Arkham Origins.


    Getting a little sick of the Batman series milking...Is this another Arkham City except with a "car" ? Cuz that doesn't really do it for me..


    << LINK REMOVED >> I've had the same feeling with Origins and it turned out to be a not so great sequel or prequel. But in the case of Arkham Knight it's not like the same studio will throw out another Batman game year after year. Rocksteady was making this game for who knows how long now, maybe they have started working on it right after Arkham City and WB wanted to fill the gap between AC and AK with Origins and another studio.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    How is it milking when Arkham Asylum got released in 2009 and Arkham Night will be the finale to the Arkham series with no release date yet? you are looking at 4 games within 5-6 years.

    I don't know about you but a lot of people can't get enough of Batman games by Rocksteady, me included.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Insert Mass Effect analogy. Originally planned as a 3 game series, and now look! A new Mass Effect in development.


    This game on my Hit List wow wow i eagerly waiting for this game

    Hope this time batman got game of the year and get 9.0 above rating too and kick Assassin's Creed


    I am excited i hope they add or at least mention that batman's allies are backing him up and i am also very curious about what happened to talia's body maybe we can find out that she had recently given birth *Cough* Damian Wayne *Cough*


    << LINK REMOVED >> I hope she died and stayed dead.


    That I still need to complete arkam city lol


    Pretty funny article talks about Nolan's Batmobile and Burton's Batmobile, but forgets that Asylum had a car too. It was pretty much like Burton's mobile, but I guess it's still in the bottom of the lake.

    Though I would absolutely love if they also perfected the Batcave and gave us all sorts of stuff to do there. One would of course being able to choose and mod Batmobile to our needs. Insert wings for extra intimidation and grip.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I really liked the car from Asylum. Burton had the best cars of any Batman in my opinion. I wish they'd of used it.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nolan's vehicle was the Tumbler though, not the batmobile. That's how I'll always look at it. It was ok for the nolan movies, which, except for the first one where mediocre. but I'd never accept that vehicle as the batmobile.


    Ok. Now who is voicing Batman? If it is not Kevin Conroy, here is another Batman game I will not get.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Nolan North


    << LINK REMOVED >> It is Kevin Conroy. And Tara Strong is voicing Harley Quinn so it's a double win.


    We learned that you don't f*** with Batman!


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Not unless you are looking for a beat-down or are sure that you are better trained and equipped than him.


    << LINK REMOVED >> No one's who you think they are, my dear. Why spoil the fun?


    What? This game's gonna be heavily inspired by the crappy Nolan movies? WHY?!

    I really hope that lame Nolan car gets ditched in the game and you can unlock the much more appealing classic Batmobile we all know and love. And why a realistic Gotham City?! Gotham City is always better when it's stylized like the comics and animated series!

    So far this game looks like a huge pass. Very disappointing. If they left out the crappy Nolan influences, I would have definitely bought it. It all depends now on how good the game is when it comes out, and I'm not holding any hope.


    << LINK REMOVED >> And is this your own oppinion or is this forced you from this article? Were you thinking about the Nolan references or being realistic above styleized before you read this?


    << LINK REMOVED >> I agree the the Burton-movies were overall better, but I like the more realistic aproach that is getting popular amongst modern super hero movies


    << LINK REMOVED >> 1. It's only a CGI trailer. Chances are, the people in charge had a few liberties with it.

    2. This one worries me a little, is that WB had more influence this time, and unlike Rocksteady who in the past have shown that they prefer Burton's vision over Nolan's may have their hands tied a little while working on this installment. I certainly hope this is not the case.


    << LINK REMOVED >> are you insane? wtf are you talking about. crappy nolan? do you understand movies. ididiididididididididididot


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Actually i wouldn't say they were crap (except rises) but the thing i didn't like was how far they set astray the story from the comics and the lack of physical combat.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah dark knight was amazing cause of Heath Ledger


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It was just the plot of the first movie, done worse :( Loved Dark Knight though. So very much.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Rises was terrible though. I did not enjoy that. Just wanted to say. lol


    << LINK REMOVED >> Allow me to rephrase... I enjoyed (to some extent) Nolan's Batman movies, I just couldn't accept them as Batman movies. They stray too far from what has been established and are a "must have" in a Batman story. On the top of that, Nolan takes himself way too seriously. Maybe someone should give him a hug, y'know?


    << LINK REMOVED >> Nolan's Batman movies were crap.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Nolan's movies are crap? Go back to see movies made on a wall then kiddo.


    cool now by the time it comes out I may actually own one of these systems haha :D


    k, no more meaty batman with fat forearms, now I'm starting to care


    Ooooooooooh Jeeeeez! My adrenaline went over acceptable limits just now. I very much hope this game turns out to be amazing.


    Unreal 4? Maybe. I guess we'll see.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I will s#it myself if this trailer will turn out to be an UE4 ingame stuff, rather than a CG.


    What Did We Learn From The New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer?........Kevin Conroy's back to voice Batman. Hell ya

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