Weekly Wrap-Up: What a Blizzard

The Controller and activities on the horizon in this week's wrap-up.


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The Recap

We had a load of fantastic content that came out this week thanks to you GameSpotters. In Tuesday's Blog Bunker we had 24 blogs, Wednesday there were 16 GameFlicks, and Thursday we had 29 gamer reviews with a few focusing on Rage.


Frist Episode of The Controller Reality Show
GameSpot is proud to present a new reality Web series featuring six pros, six noobs, and $50,000. The Controller is hosted by Jonny Moseley and griefed by FreddieW. What's The Controller? Find out all you need to know on The Controller page. For discussions about the show, the pros, the noobs, and a chance to get in on the leaderboard, winning you emblems and prizes, check out this board. And of course, to check out the first episode on the GameSpot YouTube Channel, click this link here.

Predict Who Gets Voted Off The Controller
We're so excited about which teams you think will be voted off that we're creating a leaderboard in The Controller forum. If you sign-up before Monday morning, you'll earn a boost to your level and a unique Early Bird Predictions Leaderboard emblem. Hurry and get your names listed before Monday at 10am PT. We'll start the predictions challenge discussion on Monday, so check back then to post who you think will be voted off in next Friday episode!

BlizzCon 2011 Time!
BlizzCon is here, and they are ready to share a few things with us, like pandas, for example. We're excited to see what additional fun factoids are revealed to us in the coming days. For those of you who were not lucky enough to make it to the BlizzCon party, you can check out our coverage of the event here.

GameSpot Is Halloween Town
By the pricking of my thumb, GameSpot Halloween activities this way come! We have a few activities that have already made their way onto the boards, like this one here, but there will be more announced in Monday's report. There will even be a special board battle scavenger hunt where System Wars and Off Topic will race against the clock and their opponents to find the last tricky treat. Be sure to check back for more details!

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on Sebadonut for his winning entry in the Pixel Perfect Emblem creation competition. His emblem will now live on in the GameSpot website for years to come. So thank you Sebadonut for your fantastic contribution.

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Union of the Week

This week's featured union is a magical one, where friendship is key. You've seen the meme, and maybe even heard of the show, but there's no denying that these fine folks who have a passion for all things pony have anything less than a fine union filled with activities and creative members. I had the pleasure of having an interview with the union's leader, Overlord93, which you can read here.

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Tip of the Week: Video Auto-Switch On or Off

Ever wonder how you turn off the autoplay option for our GameSpot videos? Well you can! Next time you're visiting one of our videos, check the options in the bottom right. You'll see next to the embed button, the volume button and the full-screen button. There is the button that allows you to determine what quality of video you watch. One of those options is one marked "Auto." Simply click this button and the auto feature will be gone with the wind! A bit thanks to dab198 for the reminder!


In this week's episode of You've Been Spotted we challenged you to discuss what you are dressing up as for Halloween in the comments below. You could even share what you would like to dress up as for Halloween, and receive profile points! Bonus points to anyone who includes a picture of them in their costume!

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