Weekly Wrap-Up: Times Have Changed

Big changes have occurred on GameSpot; we also have some awesome contests and competitions in store for you!


The Announcements

New TOU Announcement
Times are changing here at GameSpot. No longer will reading the TOU cause a user to cry out "Too long, did not read…" Rather, a user will be more receptive to the changes due to its easy to understand nature. Full details about the update to the Terms of Use can be seen in the official report.

Win a Trip to E3 2012
Want to go to the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2012? Want to bring your best friend with you? Of course you do, and there is no better time like the present to state your case to GameSpot about why we should bring you along for this awesome ride. For more details about the event, questions, comments, or freak outs, check the competitions page.

Celebrating 25 Years of Zelda's Adventure
Be a part of GameSpot's celebration of 25 years of epic adventures with The Legend of Zelda. We are looking for some of you artistic folk to help contribute to this amazing site's feature photo gallery. For more details, check out this page here.

The Controller Leaderboard
The Controller has finally reached its final episode. Who would have thought something like that would happen! Are we going to reveal more details? Heck, no. But you can check and see who the winner is by watching the episode here. For those who participated in the leaderboard feature for The Controller, we would like to say congrats! We will be pulling the names of those with the highest scores. They will then be pitted against one another for a chance to win some Battlefield 3 swag and perhaps something signed by Mrs. Violence herself.

Capcom Event at GameSpot's Home Office
Be sure to save the date: Next Wednesday (December 14) from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. PT. We will be inviting Bay Area locals to join us for some Capcom action. More details to be announced.



Since deershadow earned the most points in the prediction challenge for The Controller, I hope she is among the winners.

gbrading moderator

I'd like to go to E3. Alas, I don't live in the US of A.

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

I'd like to go to E3 2012 And capcom event on GS? I'll definetly check that out


E3 competition sounds cool.


I can't believe I predicted the winner of the Controller. Thank goodness I signed up for the leaderboard :P