Weekly Wrap-Up: My Bloody Valentine

It's the Weekly Wrap-Up!

Friday Wrap-Up

Screen Tear Ep 3
This week's Screen Tear isn't exactly for the faint of heart. It features the fabulous Carlos Roland, and we'll be taking a look at some...interesting clips this week. This is the third episode of the series about the videos you love to watch (for whatever reason that might be).

RE: Tournament Recap
The fight was long and the setting was like something out of an '80s horror movie (only without the CRT's and big hair). In the middle of the tournament, we also had several other highlights, including a costume contest, trivia for a chance at downloadable content, and even a zombie-themed wedding where the weird couple pledged to love one another well into un-death. Check out the recap of the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - First Line of Defense Tournament.

Umbrella Trivia
Thanks to all of those users who participated in the Umbrella Day Trivia. Results will be tallied and the winner of the Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Tournament bundle will be announced during next week's Blog Blunker!

On the Spot - As Always, Taking Your Questions!
For the past few weeks, On the Spot has been going to greater efforts to provide answers to your burning questions about the games featured during that week's show. But with the flow of questions from Twitch, YouTube, and of course Chitty Chat, it is only natural that some of those questions will be missed. Didn't hear your question read on air? Send a PM to your community manager Synthia, and she will do her best to find an answer for you. You can also get a sneak peek at an upcoming episode's features by checking out CharlieSpot posts on Wednesday!

Every Friggin' Game Sweepstakes (Facebook)
Are you a big Ubisoft fan? Do you need to spruce up your gaming library? You can enter for a chance to win every Ubisoft game released in 2012 on the console of your choice by entering in this contest here.

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on the fabulous Deershadow for creating the popular Umbrella emblem that many of you are currently enjoying on your profiles.

Soap Club

The Importance of Relationships in Gaming. By: ZenesisX
Top 10 Worst Video Game to Movie Translations By: wolfbm
Do publishers have a moral right to prevent second hand game sales? By: Chickan_117

Rad Reviewers

Xbox 360
Final Fantasy XIII - 2 By: chronoblaster
[7.5 - Good] Mild-mannered school teacher by day. Dragon-slaying, behemoth-crushing time-traveler by night.
PlayStation 3
Twisted Metal By: SilentAssassin
[8.5 - Great]Twisted Metal is BACK!!!!
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning By: NadCAtarun
[7.5 - Good] Amalur is a hack'n'slash. It will lift you up with its gameplay and let you down with its universe, or lack thereof.


Valentine's Day has come and gone, and what better way to reflect on the subject of love than to revisit the bloody wedding ceremony from that faithful Tuesday evening in San Francisco? If you could have some kind of theme wedding, what would it be?

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Synthia Weires

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Congrats to deershadow on the spotlight. It's well deserved. :)


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


Though I'm not a fan of Valentines Day. It would be strange if it were to become the lovey-dovey version of Halloween.