Weekly Report: Video Player Beta

In this week's report, we have a beta for our new video player open, Today on the Spot RSS and iTunes feeds update; we'll also check in with the community for the latest user reviews, video reviews, emblems, and creative blogs.


GameSpot’s video player is changing for the better! If you’re a Total Access or Plus subscriber, you will notice a link to the beta of the video player located on the top of a variety of videos around the site. If you are a free registrant, you can also take the opportunity to beta-test the video player by stopping by and following the instructions located in the beta discussion.

Today On the Spot RSS and iTunes versions have returned! You can access the RSS and iTunes buttons by going to the Today On the Spot page. Click on the episode and then the subscribe link. This will display the RSS and iTunes formats for your listening pleasure!

Three more game nights are scheduled with the GameSpot editors for the remainder of the year. Justin, Brian, Shaun, and Chris have set aside time during their busy schedules to play with all of you! Forza 3 Motorsport is the next game night scheduled for November 10. Brian Ekberg and Justin Calvert will be showing off the cars they made! You can find more details along with other upcoming game nights on the Game Night features page.

The winner of the iCore bundle will be announced on the Saturday October 31 episode of Today On the Spot. This episode currently claims to also have Left 4 Dead on the show. Drop by Today On the Spot for the details.

Member Spotlight: tyzwain

This week’s member spotlight goes to tyzwain for his coverage of London MCM Expo, which was held this week. Tyzwain blogs about his experience on the show floor along with a couple of hands-on game impressions. There are also a variety of photos worth checking out. Thanks for sharing the excitement with us, tyzwain!

User Videos

This week, we changed it up because nobody posted any Halloween videos. Everyone loves to hear talented singers and musicians, right? We have a lot of talented GameSpot members on the site. The two videos featured are worthy of applause!
- Dan_Lero created guitar and keyboard music for "What I've Done" by Linkin Park.
- XFull_MetalX sings "Something in the Way" by Nirvana.

User Reviews

In celebration of Halloween week, scary and mysterious games reviewed by those who have the top 100 or 500 reviewers’ emblem were featured in this week's report.
- Zombie Shooter 2 (PC) ChristianKiss
- Demon's Souls (PS3) AzelKosMos
- Cursed Mountain (Wii) dark_being
- F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PC) monco59
- Alone in the Dark (PC) ebbderelict
- Resident Evil 4 (GC) NeonNinja

Blog Bunker

- NBAmaster33 wrote a film review of Zombieland.
- THE_DRUGGIE created a list of a dozen terrifying games for all of you to check out over the Halloween weekend!
- Scientist8 shares his impressions about two indie games: Machinarium and Eufloria.
- gbrading has posted his flashback on point-and-click adventures.
- Uesugi-dono has a list of 10 classic games that should get a current-generation update.
- PixelHunter shares thoughts about how console exclusives might be bad business.
- HeyMaa has posted a list of 10 games that need to be made.
- digi_matrix posts a rant type of blog about those who do not have any hands-on experience with the game, but they have an opinions based on it.
- gormo4 has started a little series he’ll be posting about who the ultimate gaming heroines are. He currently has blogs about Zoey from Left for Dead and Alyx from Half-Life 2.

Misc. Drawer

- Unchartered 2 Game Night MVP: MrGanny
- The HotSpot Homework emblem granted to gx_echidna, beganoo, and der_spudmeister.
- wonderboy_46 posted a screenshot of a car he created in Forza Motorsport 3.
- blazingsaddle95 shares his thoughts about the upcoming Prince of Persia film.

Tip of the Week: Game Recommendations

This week's tip is about how you can use GameSpot to get the best game recommendations. What are the kinds of things you do when you find the best game recommendation? Post your strategies in this week’s article.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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Cheers guys for mentioning me. It's always nice to know someones work is appreciated. Also thanks for the emblem! :)

gbrading moderator

Thanks very much for the mention Jody: It's reassuring to know someone is reading. :) Great weekly report as always!


wow, thanks for mentioning my name :) I never knew this place existed.. now I do I guess.. thank you!! :D


Not only GameSpot added the game I suggested, but also mentioned the review I wrote on it! Like so_hai said, GS keeps the users interested in uploading stuff and contributing to the site, as it was a mutual cooperation. Thanks, Jody!


I like how Gamespot encourages their users. Other sites are indifferent.


Man, I guess I timed that RE4 review pretty well... it was by complete accident that it coincided so closely to Halloween. :P Thanks for the mention though Jody!

JodyR moderator

@XFull_MetalX: It was really good! :) I am super picky about those who sing too. Can't handle American Idol because people going off key give me a headache. :/


My video was mentioned:D Thanks Jody! Good work to you too XFull_MetalX!