Weekly Report: Lasagna Day

Happy Lasagna Day! Today's weekly report features the winner of the SDCC Anthem Contest, "Boards of Wisdom," blogs, reviews, and more!



UPDATE! GameSpotter Dannyodwyer joins GameSpot UK
Dannyodwyer, a GameSpot member since 2005 (his anniversary is the 25th of August) will be joining the ranks of the good folks over at GameSpot UK. Stop by his profile to check out his blog about Joining The Spot to congratulate him.

Sound Byte: Deus Ex
Sophia Tong interviews an inspirational Steve Szczepkowski, audio director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Sophia asks about his process, the challenges, and his goals for the audio experience for Deus Ex. This is a fantastic article for those aspiring to enter the world of gaming music. Click here to see the full story.

HotSpot: Catherine, From Dust, and SDCC
This week's HotSpot delves deeper into Atlus' new erotic puzzle game Catherine and Ubisoft's pseudo Omnipotent From Dust, and in case you haven't had enough Comic- Con action, you're in luck. HotSpot gives you the nitty-gritty on their experiences at SDCC, strange sightings, celebs, and more.

GameSpot Secret Identity Activity
During the week of SDCC 2011 we asked what you thought our Super Secret Identity was in the "GameSpot Secret Identity Activity." We were floored by the amazing submissions from you GameSpotters, and so many of them stood out to our staff that we couldn't help but showcase a few of them on Friday's episode of Sync. More featured images to be coming soon to a forum thread near you.
UPDATE! Images are now up for your viewing pleasure

Boards of Wisdom

This is a new attraction we are introducing to the Weekly Report showcasing just a few of the hot topics being discussed this week on your favorite GameSpot Forums.
- Off Topic: Origin of Your Screen Name on GS. The creation of a username is an important aspect to the online community. It tells us who you are, or sometimes it's a random jumble of letters and numbers that you felt flowed well together.
- System Wars: EA Financials are in: PC is making more money than consoles. Hermits everywhere might be rejoicing with this piece of news.
- General Games Discussion: This week a stunning piece of news was revealed--the Nintendo 3DS will be dropping in price before summer's end from $249 to $169.

Member Spotlight

This week's member spotlight goes to Dan_Lero for taking the time to show us his singing talents in the SDCC Anthem Contest! And as promised we will be rewarding him with a GameSpot Total Access Account, as well as an exclusive legendary emblem! Three cheers for Dan_Lero!

GameSpot Spotlight Channel

- GameSpotter razzlero and his Minecraft Dating Sim (also featured in Thursdays On the Spot).
- GameSpotter Super-Poke-Bros shows us some awesome Meat Boy action.
- GameSpotter phazer gets his defense game on in Lost Earth.

Union of the Week

Last week we called out Unions asking them to show their best Comic-Con coverage, and the Social Cafe Union stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! Not only are they the featured union, but they have been given a massive Union Power-Up!

Staff Fingerprints

- jwhdavison Comic-Con and the ultimate triumph of geek culture.
- Chris Watters with Comic-Con regrets.
- Carolyn Michelle I call my 3DS the Wayback Machine.
- Tom McShea I dig my hole; you build a wall.

User Reviews

- Bastion JustPlainLucas
- Portal 2 Garrison_Ford
- 'Splosion Man AK_the_Twilight
- Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Gelugon_baat
- Vietcong monco59
- Velvet Assassin Azghouls
- Duke Nukem Forever dark_being
- F.E.A.R. 3 nutcrackr
- Dragon Age II: Legacy topsemag55
- Star Ocean: The Last Hope International ZanarkandTidus
- LIMBO stephenage
- New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis loopy_101
- Art Style: BOXLIFE GeekyDad
- Resident Evil gamefreak197

Blog Bunker

- phoenixgaiangel and ZHP: The Unloosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman.
- Asagea_888 splurges on some awesome games.
- nutcrackr and a July gaming megablog.
- Setho10 and Part One of Maximo Ghosts to Glory.
- stephenage reviews Limbo.
- Aberinkulas raves about the official 3DS price drop.
- Cloud_765 gives us a Super Summer Update.
- gamefreak197 gives some props to underrated games.
- Rottenwood spends a night with Catherine, ooh la la.
- yeah_write mentions 8 PSP games worth playing.
- turtlethetaffer discusses why Majora's Mask is the most atmospheric game ever.
- gdw0908 and a review of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Tip of the Week

Our GameSpot Spotlight is a great place to feature unique and awesome video game content created and inspired by gamers. And by posting your personal YouTube Channel in our YouTube Roll Call thread you are eligible for the Video Virtuoso emblem. To help sweeten the pot for video submissions, we will be offering incentives for featured game videos. More details on this to come.


dannyodwyer staff

Thanks for the mention guys! I'll make sure to do the Community proud :)


Thanks for the mention, wasn't expecting it. XD


@sequekhan - thanks mate! @Synthia - A suggestion: Is there any way to include a section for cool screenshots? A picture is worth a thousand words...


@Azghouls: nice one champ, seems like every time I check these things your name is somewhere inside!


ups to all those that got featured here - I'll keep daring to dream :)


Thanks for mentioning the SCU at the blog! Hoping to see a lot more union activities coming up in the future too! Congrats to Dan by the way! I didn't know you could sing lol. :P


Thanks for the mention, some really awesome stuff in there also!


Congrats @Dan_Lero, you are such a hero ;).


Yay SCU :D

and Congrats to Dan, yet another spotlight


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Congrats to Dan_Lero and Congrats to the SCU! 8)


Thanks yet again for the mention! I'm actually pretty proud of my Bastion review being mentioned, because for once, Greg Kasavin gets his game reviewed by a user. :lol:


Great to see the Social Cafe Union be the Union of the Week.