Weekly Report: Gift Exchanging!

The final weekly report for 2009 has many gifts that will be unveiled to GameSpot users over the course of the next week!


Raptr Integration
GameSpot has recently partnered with Raptr. Check the official news for the scoop. I’ll share more information as soon as it becomes available.

Vote for the GameSpotter of 2009!
Those who were member spotlights over the past year caught our attention with their impressive blogs, and we have plans to recognize one of them with some schwag. Go make a difference by voting for the blogger who makes you smile.

Left 4 Dead 2 Game Night
The last game night of the year will be Left for Dead 2. For details about the GameSpot UK game night held on December 14, check their official thread.

Best of 2009 Forum Opens
The Best of 2009 forum is now open for discussion. Let’s celebrate the Best of 2009 feature by guessing the categories we’ll have this year!

TOTS Trivia Winners
The Today on the Spot trivia winners of the Tales of Monkey Island codes, World of Warcraft books, and Zelda book have been announced.

Downloadable Content Revamp
The word on the street is that we’re going to be adding a downloadable content filter to show you all what is an add-on. I’ll update the section as more information becomes available.

Member Spotlight

The last member spotlight of the year goes to GameBlender for his art illustration of the Holiday Gift Guide. While GameBlender does explain that he isn’t good at drawing, he does an amazing job of illustrating his opinions through humor.


- The HotSpot winners: i_b_ray, chicknfeet, Capt_Ventris, beomonkey, and RoganSarine.
- Recommend GameSpot user reviews and video reviews: I’m interested in seeing more video reviews to grant the emblem. Start your collection of awesome video reviews and get recognized by simply posting in the User Reviews Recommendation thread!
- Unofficial Modern Warfare 2 Competition If you love playing this game and would be interested in participating in a little competition, drop by GameSpot’s game night union for details.

Tip of the Week

The Gamespot.com default theme will be changing from dark to light. If you’re not accustomed to the light theme, just click the dark "a" listed on all GameSpot pages. If you have been using the dark theme for years though, I highly recommend trying to view the site for a couple of days with the light theme. If you have been using the light theme for all of these years why n ot change to the dark theme? Since I have always used the dark theme I am forcing myself to use the light theme from now until the end of the week. Maybe I can make a chance to see the site differently in 2010!


This is the last weekly report we’ll have for the year. Check back for updates about the DLC filter and Raptr! Happy Holidays!

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I like the dark theme, it gives me more peace while rolling around the website. Light-colors = Argh to eyes!

dab198 moderator

I don't understand the change to the default theme either. I detest the light theme with a passion, and if I was presented by that on my first visit to the site, it would put me off using it.


Not sure why the default was changed after it's been this way for years, because if they didn't like dark, they could just change it to light. Now, people will just have to change it back to dark. No biggie, though. *shrugs*


The light theme is a little hard on my eyes, but I think I can get used to it. :P