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E3 Aftermath
Wow, wasn't that exciting! E3 this year was awesome, and we have the footage to prove it. Also for those of you who might have missed out on a few goodies at E3 this year, we have dozens of hours and hundreds of photos stashed away for your viewing pleasure. Check out some of the highlights for E3 2011!

Sophia's Sound Byte
Sophia speaks with Tetsuya Mizuguchi and sound designer Yuki Ichiki about the project for the fantastic sounds of Child of Eden. Sophia will also be giving away a copy of Child of Eden, but you have only until Sunday, June 19, to find out how to win so click here for more details!

Slither to the Spot
I'm sure some of you noticed Chris Watters had a sneaky little guest on yesterday's On the Spot episode. Her name is Slithers, and she snuck her way onto the stage! If you can tell us where in the video you found Slither to the Spot, you can be the owner of a shiny new emblem! Send a message to onthespot@gamespot.com telling us where you saw Slithers. Be sure to include in your e-mail the following phrase: "I saw Slithers on the Spot at…" and the time stamp of where you saw the sneaky snake!

Who do you think the top reviewers are?
We here in the community have decided that the time has come for some fresh new emblem holders! That's right. I said the E word: emblems! However, this one is a little trickier to come by because it requires craft, cunning, and a finesse for writing. We're asking you, our trusty GameSpotters, to nominate those you think are worthy of the top 500 reviewer emblem (or top 100 if they already own the top 500). Follow this link to the Site Enhancement forum to let your voices be heard, and tell us who you think is worthy of this super emblem.

Member Spotlight

This week's member spotlight shines on a rising star, AvatarMan96. He just reached his one-year anniversary here at GameSpot, and we're also excited to feature this user for his stunning works devoted to E3 2011, with not one, not two, but three fantastic blogs! Such detail, such passion, such bravado!

All About E3

- AK_the_Twilight blogs about his late E3 2011 impressions.
- asian_pride69 has got the (late) post-E3 blues.
- nintendoboy16 discusses the finer points of Sony and Nintendo's E3 2011.
- 3116porter shares with us another great E3 blog.
- mr_toffee blogs about Post-E3 bullet points.
- IslandBros15 enlightens us with his comments about the end of E3.
- c_rake shares his thoughts on the E3 press conferences.
- JustPlainLucas discusses the Ubisoft E3 2011 press conference and his impressions.
- Setho10 tells us why he thinks this is the most interesting E3 so far.
- Pierst179 feels that this year for E3 2011 Sony means business.
- Asagea_888 gives thoughts on E3 2011--the Wii U and the Vita.
- carolynmichelle shares E3 2011 photos from the Videogame History Museum booth.

Blog Bunker

- Goyoshi12 blogs about Ezio, Duke, War…You're OnLive in 3, 2, 1….
- Aberinkulas discusses Wii U Tech Speculation, 3DS comments, Radiant Historia.
- JustPlainLucas wants to talk about the Wii U.
- AlmightyMax mourns the death of a legend.
- Uesugi-dono talks about the infamous Dork Star.
- GeekyDad discusses the 3DS update and eShop impressions.
- NBAmaster33 shares Halo: Reach, Black Ops, Fallout New Vegas, and L.A. Noire impressions.
- GabuEx and the unsung greats of gaming, part 17: Rune Factory Frontier.
- Asagea_888 proudly declares, "Dragon Age is mine!"
- Cloud_765 What time is it? It's time to d-d-d-duel!!
- kbaily and his Little Big Planet costume wish List.
- biggest_loser and his Super 8 film review.

Featured User Videos

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Easter Egg! - Rivboes

User Reviews

- Back to the Future: Episode I Domstercool
- Dungeon Siege Gelugon_baat
- Battlefield 2: Special Forces Bamul
- Red Faction: Armageddon nutcrackr
- L.A. Noire Bioshockraptor
- Infamous Maluigi
- Infamous 2 PSFreak1
- 3D Classics: Excitebike GeekyDad
- Hunted: The Demon's SemiMaster
- Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy NBAmaster33
- Demon's Souls ShadowLaguna
- Duke Nukem Forever charlie_killer
- GTAIV Ballad of Gay Tony JustPlainLucas
- Resident Evil 5 gamefreak197
- Kinect Sports Garrison_Ford
- Alan Wake mattsn22
- ToeJam & Earl 3KindgomsRandy

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@pokecharm: you don't but it helps ;)


to get featured in the above blogs, do we have to mark them as editorial?


wow first time ever and i haven't even been on GS a yea what in honor those 2 hours finally paid off thank you so much Synthia!!!! it is a great honor


Thanks for mentioning my review! It's always great to be aware that the staff are liking my reviews. However, Demon's Souls is a PS3 game. :P


Synthia: expect at least ONE Xmas card from me this year and a hardware voucher too!! You must need a new tenon saw right?? :D


*rubs eyes* What the... I got mentioned? :shock:.


Thanks for mentioning me, didn't expect that at all :-)


Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: onthespot@cbsinteractive.com Technical details of permanent failure: The account (email) is disabled. Not sure why I'm getting that message back, I sent my response with my Google Email and it worked.


Nice report. :D It's worth pointing out that kbaily is a girl and should have "her LittleBigPlanet Costume wishlist." ;)


Nice emblems Synthia ;). And congrats to AvatarMan96.


I found the snake but keep getting email failures


Oh, wow :lol: Thanks for the mentions! I owe it all to my new interest in Dragon Age :P


Nice emblem giveaways :P Thanks Synthia :)

riou7 moderator moderator

I thought it was gonna be a real snake. I'm slightly disappointed :P


I thought that Slither would be a small snake that will appear briefly in On the Spot program, but I was wrong. I just saw her for about three to four seconds when host Chris Watters showed her off. A stuffed animal. I am not surprised!


Again? :o Synthia...you're making me blush. :oops:


yay I've found Slither :) and just sent the mail.


Where's the union spotlight?