Weekly Report: Comic-Con Edition

Activities, activities, and more activities! We also have our Featured Union Winner and more!


GameSpot Comic-Con 2011 Meet Up
For those of you lucky enough to attend this year's Comic-Con, we have a special treat in store for you. Wanna hang out with other GameSpotters?
How about GameSpot staff members? This year, GameSpot will be having a GameRoom Meet Up hosted by your very own Jody Robinson and Synthia Weires, along with several other GameSpot staff members, such as Sophia, Chris, Ricardo and more. You may even get your chance to be on a special Comic-Con episode of Sync! For more information about this event, read our recent announcement.

Comic-Con 2011 Virtual V.I.P Roll Call
Not attending San Diego Comic-Con 2011 in person? Then become a Virtual V.I.P today by going to our Comic-Con 2011 Virtual V.I.P Page. Mark yourself as attending, or if you're not sure, go ahead and mark yourself down as "Maybe." For more information about our Virtual V.I.P, access this thread.

Superhero Sound Off!
If you had a super power, what would it be? Would you use it for the forces of good or EVIL? Tell us because we gotta know! In addition to many other Comic-Con Community Contests, we are having a Superhero Sound Off where we ask GameSpotters if you had a super power, what would it be? Check out this page for more details.

Comic-Con Signature Activity
And there's more! If you add the following content to your signature during the week of SDCC, from Wednesday July 20 to Sunday July 24, you just might earn another spiffy Profile Power-up! Check out this page for more details.

Union Border Contest Winner!
After weeks of voting, tallying votes, tying, and voting some more, we have finally decided on a winner. The wonderful, miraculous, astonishing, unique, and just plain awesome GameSpot's GameSpace Banner Union!. Let's hear it for the Featured Union of the week!

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on the one who crafted the new banner for our Union of the Week feature, the one, the only, Sandulf29!

Featured User Videos

This week's GameSpot Spotlight Featured Videos
-DaNuTz- shows of his skills in the world of Torchlight.
shadow9669 does some massive damage in his Team Fortress 2 video.
jediknight52501 gives us his take on Fallout 3, giving it a 9.5!

User Reviews

- Super Mario Galaxy 2 TAMKFan
- Dragon's Lair (Dsiware) WAIW
- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars GeekyDad
- Metro 2033 akhorahill
- MDK c_rake
- L.A. Noire Reviews nutcrackr
- God of War III AzelKosMos
- Rocket Knight JustPlainLucas

Blog Bunker

- calvinsora reviews Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.
- nocoolnamejim has a few words for some game developers and publishers.
- Setho10 discusses Yasumi Matsuno and Total War.
- Aberinkulas talks about why Resident Evil 4 is the best.
- yeah_write has five great things about the Uncharted 3 beta.
- turtlethetaffer has a few theories about what makes a fanboy a fanboy.
- adam1808 has Killzone Vox Populi.

To be continued...

1) Synthia and Jody will be at San Diego ComicCon and meeting some of you in person, so we won't have a moment to update the news blog with a weekly report. However, we'll be updating our blogs, Twitter, and Fuse.

2) Today's Comic-Con activities are only a couple of things we have up our sleeves. So check back on Monday for more ways you can interact in the community.

3) Check out our new Comic-Con 2011 Forum!

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Thanks to everyone who congratulated me :)


Ya know, union views have not been updated in the LONGEST time. If an admin is reading this, please fix that.


Grats to GGBU and Sandulf! :D

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

Wow congratulations Sandulf!! :D Great job on the border mate! Also a shout-out to the Gamespace Banner Union, keep it up guys!


Congrats for GGBU & Sandulf29 :).


Great job Sandulf, awesome 8)

cell_dweller moderator moderator

Comic-con is going to be awesome! I can't wait :)


congra to Sandulf29! and gamespace banner union! :o


Thanks for mentioning my review :D

sonictrainer moderator

Congratulations to the Sandulf29 and Gamespot Banner Union :)


thanks for the mention, :P


Nice to see a review of mine mentioned here. Thanks.


Wow, a lot of activities this week. I'll be checking out quite a few of them. Congrats to the Gamespot Banner Union and Sandulf29.


Thanks for the mention Synthia :D

....and for GGBU to be union of The Week, WoooHooo!