Weekly Report: Activities Galore!

This week is full of fun activities.


E3.gamespot.com Is Up!
Are you as excited as we are? Of course you are! And to keep you updated on all of the E3 need-to-know, our E3.gamespot.com page is now LIVE! Our E3 page features a counter to your next press conference, highlights, news previews, videos, images, and more! Click here for more.

Sonic Celebration Tickets
If you're a fan of Sonic and live near the Los Angeles area, we're giving away some tickets for those who'd like to celebrate Sonic's birthday with Sega! Check this news to find out more!

Jody Gets Infamous
We're sure some of you may have noticed that our own Jody R has been up to some mischievous behavior, and here we find her caught in the act of sneaking up behind our poor Maxwell McGee with a replica of the Infamous 2 AMP weapon. We will be having a photo caption contest from Thursday May 26 until Monday May 30 at 10 a.m. PT. Post your caption in the Comments section of the Thursday May 26 On the Spot episode for your chance to win the Infamous 2 AMP replica!

GS Mr. Riddles Answers Activity Week 6
It's the final showdown between you (our budding Answer Experts) and Mr. Riddles. That means that there is less than a week to get your rare Mr. Riddles emblem before it is locked away FOREVER! This week we're in part two of our Riddles Roulette. Will your answer be chosen this week? Click here for your last chance to get this emblem. For additional rules, go to the guidelines page here.

Retro Blog Activity Reminder
Last week we asked "How would you make video game history?" and shared with you our latest "How to Better Video Game" blog activity. But we here at GameSpot figured you all might want a little something to get those fingers typing and the creative juices flowing. So we are offering a Microsoft SideWinder X6 Wired Keyboard and a matching SideWinder x8 Mouse, valued at over $200! As a reminder, the contest will be ending June 3 at 5 p.m. PT. For more information, check this page here.

Down Under Counter-Strike Game Night
GameSpot Australia plans to get some Counter-Strike: Source on! Drop by during the date/time listed in the AU time zone, and check out the official announcement for more details on how to participate.

GameFAQs Mobile!
Looks like our sister site GameFAQs has a new mobile version of the site. Load up m.gamefaqs.com via your mobile phone and be sure to share your feedback on their site.

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on Kravyn81 for his three-part blog about his top 11 most influential games and why these games make him a gamer.

Featured Union

It's high time that we here at GameSpot start featuring our beloved unions once more for their continued content and activities.

This week's featured union is the Pokemon League. This perfect Poke-Paradise is great for finding information, meeting other fans, and taking part in fantastic activities. They have a beautiful navigation menu that is nothing short of fantastic!

Blog Bunker

- Rottenwood discusses games, Hollywood, and the great chase for credibility.
- Ferrari2001 reviews The King's Speech staring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.
- ExoticAnimal shares his top favorite movies of all time 20-16.
- Auron11022 wants to talk about how he has pretty much completed FFIII and EBA.
- Uesugi-dono tells us about five surprisingly good games.
- Artekus What does he want, Union Redesigns!
- Juniorpower talks about gaming frustrations.
- GeekyDad shares his impressions of Samurai Warriors Chronicles.
- Sandpiper121PP picks up his guitar and talks about L.A. Noir and game trading!
- Cloud_765 continues his blog series of Top 100 Video Games - Part 6.
- Smbius gives us a quick insight into social gaming vs. "regular" gaming.
- pokecharm shares thoughts on how to write a better blog.
- biggest_looser gives us his impressions of the movie Insidious.
- JustPlainLucas Xbox Live Demo Impressions #62.
- Asagea_888 gives us a splendiferous multihit combo of excellent updates.
- Pierst179 shares his E3 predictions in his "Dream a Dream Edition."
- Sagacious_Tien tells us about the games that deserve sequels.
- TwistedMetalFan E3 is coming, and here are his most anticipated games.

User Reviews

- Fallout: New Vegas gbrading
- Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Gelugon_baat
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles DraugenCP
- The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings taxonomic
- Magicka bowlingotter
- L.A. Noire Maluigi
- Brink ax_prime_basic
- Breach Domstercool
- Red Dead Redemption Setho10
- Sonic Colors gamefreak197
- Mario Kart ZanarkandTidus
- Sonic Colors AK_the_Twilight
- Super Mario Galaxy 2 Asagea_888
- Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS) GeekyDad
- Okamiden (DS) benleslie5
- Galerians exber
- Samurai Showdown II wiserat4


This week , we brought on nine new volunteer moderators in our spring moderator draft. Our initiate moderators are in training over the next few months and will likely be found in certain areas of the community as outlined below.

Haziqonfire and AdobeArtist are active contributors of System Wars. Atmanix, Amnesiac23, Darthkaiser frequent Off-Topic. riou7 is an active contributor of GS Asia's forum and platform boards. Artekus is an active contributor for platform boards. GeekyDad is someone we'd like to see as a review targeted moderator, but he also interacts in the platform forums.

We also have some new GameSpot rangers worth welcoming aboard: deershadow, Exoticanimal, fabz_95, RealKilla_789, and dog64. What exactly are these mystical rangers we speak of? GameSpot rangers aren't to be confused with moderators. They will greet or help you find your destination. Whenever you're lonely, a ranger might also become your companion, but they mostly help to guide you around GameSpot. It's safe to say that they know how the site functions, and they can also help you understand the best methods for getting what you need. So, if you're lost, a ranger is there for you!

Tip of the Week

This week's tip lets you time-travel via our new video player and play the video in HD via a live webcast! The recent On the Spot episode gave our GameSpot members a chance to check out our new video player, and later today, those who watch the Now Playing retro episode of Tomb Raider will also have a chance to use this time-travel feature! This Tivo-like playback makes it easy to replay a video during live webcasts. For example, if you come in at the 10-minute mark, you can go backward and start from the beginning or just follow along in real time, all while the broadcast is still on the air. Check it out and leave your feedback in the Site Enhancements forum!

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


@phazer: I will, I will. Maybe bribes could work :P


@Sandulf29: Yeah, you guys can go do some stuff and get GGBU featured. :P


i like the Feature Union concept 8)


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


oh, thanks for the shout-out :)


Welcome new mods and rangers!! :D


congrats to new mods :) glad to see featured Union!


congrats to the new mods. And yep, I'm always excited about e3. Your coverage is top notch.


Congrats to the new mods and I like the idea of a Featured Union section!


@OmegaAxl yup, we're still going strong. We definitely aren't as active as we were at D/P release, but activity was crazy then (I'd guess hundreds of posts an hour at some times) and I don't think we'll ever match it again. Thanks for featuring us Jody and Synthia. I appreciate it, and I'm sure other members do as well.


No PSP user reviews? Man, I gotta make one of those so the PSP isn't left out!


Welcome aboard new mods and rangers :D.


Wow, I was a little surprised to see my blog get a mention here. Thanks for that :)


Congrats to all the new mods. Oh, seems you misspelled my username but no big deal though.


Pokemon League Union still lives..? Wow.

riou7 moderator moderator

Thanks for the shout-out :) Congrats to fellow iMods and GS Rangers as well! And a well done blog done by Kravyn81, congrats!


Congrats to all the new mods and rangers! Welcome aboard!

sonictrainer moderator

Cool! I like the new "Feature Union" segment.

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

Congrats to the PLU! A deserved spotlight.


Wow I've been mentioned for that Okamiden review :D


No one is more surprised than I am! Thank you Jody and Synthia for the love :)


Thanks for the shout-out Jody, congrats to the new mods and rangers and to Kravyn.