WD Picks up Two for PS2

Working Designs has picked up the US publishing rights to two PlayStation 2 games.

Working Designs has secured the US publishing rights to Gungriffon Blaze and Silpheed: The Lost Planet for the Sony PlayStation 2. Both games were originally developed by Game Arts, and Capcom handled the publishing duties in Japan. Working Designs expects to have both Gungriffon Blaze and Silpheed ready for release alongside the US launch of the PlayStation 2 on October 26.

Silpheed is a top-down scrolling shooter with 3D backgrounds. It was released originally on the NEC PC88, followed by a Sega CD version. Gungriffon Blaze is the third installment in this mech action series. The game's features include destructible environments, a new sniper mode, and a revamped sensor system.

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