WB Interactive getting Friends-ly

Trivial game based on the "must-see" comedy phenomenon headed to "PC and consoles."

The era was 1994-2004. Ross and Rachel were on-again-off-again-on-again; Monica and Chandler eventually became parents; and Joey and Phoebe spewed one-liners. Thousands of fans flocked to the TV every Thursday to see their pals whoop it up on NBC's hit comedy show Friends. Then, after 10 years, the show split faster than Jennifer and Brad. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment hopes to fill the voids of the Friends-less with Friends: The One with All the Trivia, a "PC and console" game full of factoids related to the show. Hosted by Maggie Wheeler (Janice) and James Michael Tyler (Gunther), the game features more than 3,000 questions about the program that starred the $1 million-per-episode actors. What did Ross send to the "Ugly Naked Guy" to bribe him? Find out when the game comes out on November 15.

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