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We'll be broadcasting a selection of panels from GDC Next in LA, which you can watch right here.

GDC Next is a developer event running from November 5-7, 2013 in Los Angeles and you can watch some of the most exciting panels right here on GameSpot. The Focus of GDC Next is on game experiences from the future bringing together the video games of tomorrow and the people who create them.

Check back anytime after the below listed times to watch the full version of each panel.

The Observer Friendly Game (On-Demand Stream Available Now)

  • Speaker: Sean “Day[9]” Plott (JINK.TV, Inc.)
  • With the prevalence of “Let’s Play” videos, eSports, and livestreaming, Plott will discuss the tips and tricks necessary to add watchability to a game.

From Jam to Full Game: Super Time Force & Other Shining Examples (On-Demand Stream Available Now)

  • Speaker: Nathan Vella (Capy Games)
  • Vella will explore the potential pitfalls and promotional opportunities involved in “game jams,” where small team create playable experiments on a micro-schedule.

Project Spark: Enabling and Inspiring the User to Make (Almost) Anything (On-Demand Stream Available Now)

  • Speaker: Soren Hannibal (Team Dakota/Microsoft)
  • Streaming: Wednesday 11/6 at 4:00 PM PST
  • Building off the free-to-play creation engine Project Spark, Hannibal will talk about allowing players to create the unexpected.

D4: Dawn of the Dreaming Director’s Drama (On-Demand Stream Available Now)

  • Speaker: Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro
  • Join SWERY, the director behind Deadly Premonition, as he talks about his upcoming game D4. Suehiro will explain his unique approach to game design as well as share personal anecdotes.

Broken Age: Rethinking a Classic Genre for the Modern Era (On-Demand Stream Available Now)

  • Panelists: Oliver Franzke (Double Fine Productions), Lee Petty (Double Fine Productions), Greg Rice (Double Fine Productions), Tim Schafer (Double Fine Productions)
  • This multidisciplinary panel from the Broken Age team discuss how they leverage modern technology and methodologies to deliver a game the preserves the traditional adventure game ideal.

The Evolution of eSports as a Sport, Entertainment, and International Pastime (On-Demand Stream Available @ 8PM PST)

  • Panelists: Dustin Beck (Riot Games), Marcus Graham (djWheat), Kevin Lin (, Jason Ng (Garena Premiere League), Michael O'Dell (Team Dignitas)
  • Get a clear understanding of the current state of eSports, the path to success in the sport, and some data-driven indicators of its evolution.
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Justin Haywald

Senior Editor, Earthbound fan, and snazzy dresser.
Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition


All but the Evolution of E-Sports sounds interesting....just wish the times weren't so late in the day.....


So the only thing i'll be watching is Project Spark's panel and D4 panle.


Its sad more people aren't excited about Project Spark... the possibilities of what you can do with the tools they give you are incredible...


Only interested in D4: Dawn of the Dreaming Director’s Drama and Broken Age: Rethinking a Classic Genre for the Modern Era the rest is completely irrelevant to me.


@AggrandizedUser @Cronyk Yea, its always wise to be skeptical with these types of games... but from what Ive seen it looks like it can hold its own at least.