VU Games not distributing Syberia II

Developer Microids says it will be making an official announcement on its fantasy adventure "soon."

It appears that the 2004 VU Games release schedule briefly displayed on its parent company site earlier this week was not entirely accurate. According to the list, the France-based publisher was going to distribute French-Canadian developer Microids' fantasy adventure sequel Syberia II.

However, that was news to Microids, who had never heard of such a deal. "Vivendi Universal Games will not be the US publisher/distributor of Microïds' Syberia II," Microids spokesman Cedric Orvoine told GameSpot. While he didn't offer many more details (i.e., none) on the upcoming multiplatform game, Orvoine said "an official announcement regarding the US publishing of Syberia II and the official release date will be made shortly."

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