Virtua Fighter 3 Gets Upgrade

At a Virtua Fighter 3 tournament, Yu Suzuki revealed that an update to VF3 is in the works and will soon appear in Japanese arcades.

At the recent Virtua Fighter 3 Java Tea Battle Koshien, AM2's Yu Suzuki revealed that an upgrade to Virtua Fighter 3 is indeed in the works. The name of the new version will be Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle, and it will include a slew of new features and refinements to this already excellent Model 3 fighting game.

The name Team Battle refers to the fact that now players will be able to duke it out three-on-three, and each character has been balanced for more even gameplay, and there are even a few new moves. Yu Suzuki said that the game should be ready to go on test in Japanese arcades shortly.

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