Viewtiful Joe to get major marketing push

Side-scroller targeted for big holiday ad treatment--TV, print, and online publicity planned.


Capcom Entertainment plans to promote its upcoming Viewtiful Joe game in advertisements across a wide variety of media, its marketing director said today.

"In support of the most innovative title to be released this year, we pulled out all the stops for Viewtiful Joe," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing at Capcom. "A national marketing campaign... will let everyone know what a 'viewtiful' world it is."

Thirty and 15-second television ads, targeted at gamers from 12 to 34 years of age, will begin on September 29 and run for several weeks. The TV spots will air during such shows as "Smallville," "SmackDown!," and "Adult Swim."

A print ad campaign is scheduled to appear in magazines, including Maxim and Mad Magazine. There will be a strong online push as well.

The game is set to arrive at retail on October 7.