If you missed it, check out all the important stories in video game news from this week in one place.


As Fall gets into full swing, the video game industry transforms from its dormant spring/summer phase to a marketing-or-die pace. That's just what happened this week with the release of Konami's Metal Gear Solid, perhaps the most anticipated PlayStation game of the season. But that's not all that happened this week. Let's dive into this week's major news stories, shall we?

Dreamcast once again made up the majority of the news this week. Sega of America may not have even begun its marketing blitz, but the system seems to be up and running on its own based solely on news coming out of Japan in anticipation of its Nov. 27 launch. Here are the major Dreamcast news stories of the week:

Crystal Dynamics signed Marliece Andrada and Richard Roundtree to be the voices of main characters in its upcoming games, Gex 3 and Akuji the Heartless. Which ones and who are these people? Read all about it in these stories…

Pioneer will be distributing the Pokemon TV Show on DVD beginning in December. So all you Pokemon addicts out there will have a digital format to watch the show on, without commercial interruptions. There's now hope that a Japanese language track will be included on these DVDs.

Capcom made it official this week - Resident Evil 2 on the Saturn has been officially canceled, in favor of a better version on the Dreamcast (Code: Veronica). Shinji Mikami, the series' producer, apologized to the gaming public and gave the reasons why it was canceled.

SNK's Neo Geo Pocket landed in stores in Japan this week with King of Fighters, but as it did, new games were added to the company's lineup. New games include three Midway titles: NFL Blitz, NBA Hangtime, and Mortal Kombat.

Electronic Arts announced today that it has picked up ESPN Digital Games' snowboarding title Pro Boarder for the PlayStation. This adds to EA's lineup and gives them a snowboarding game (something it was lacking before).

989 Studios put Enix's dance and rhythm action game Bust A Move (or "Groove," in Japan) back on its release schedule. The game will now be shipped to stores on November 24.

That's it for now. If you don't visit GameSpot News every day, you may have missed the other stories making headlines this week. Next week there's bound to be more on the slate for the Dreamcast. What will happen? You've got to be here to find out!