Valve celebrates Free Comic Book Day with Team Fortress digital Catch-Up Comic

An introduction to Australian men, magical gold bars, and centuries-old vendettas.

It’s Free Comic Book Day today, meaning you can head to your local comic book store and pick up a free comic book from a bunch of different publishers.

Valve, which publishes its own Team Fortress comic book series online, is celebrating Free Comic Book Day with a special Catch-Up Comic. This free Team Fortress 2 Catch-Up comic gives new readers a chance to get caught up quickly so they can dive into the ongoing series, currently on its third issue.

“If you've got a friend you think would love the ongoing TF2 digital comic series, but you think they'd find all the shirtless Australian men, magical gold bars and centuries-old vendettas confusing, we've put together a Catch-Up Comic that blasts through the backstory like an expository rocket-sled,” Valve said.

You can find find the Catch-Up comic and all the previous issues on the Team Fortress website.

If you end up going to the comic book store today, keep an eye out for the free issue containing both Mega Man X and Sonic Comic Origins.

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Emanuel Maiberg

Emanuel Maiberg is a freelance writer in search of the Citizen Kane of burritos.
Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2


Thank god Valve listened to nobody and produced a comic book series based on TF2.

I was just thinking that a slick and refined class based FPS needed more context and character development other than kill the other guys in blue or red.

Excuse me while I go prospecting for Australium in my backyard.


They should be celebrating having fixed Steam or something more productive...


Oh thank God. Now I won't be lost anymore trying to understand the deep complexities of Team Fortress 2's narrative.