US Super Runabout Tweaks

Find out what changes Digital Mayhem is currently working on for US Dreamcast version of Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition for the Dreamcast.

Digital Mayhem's Rusty Duchert has updated GameSpot on the ongoing development work on the US version of Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition. Duchert, the game's design director, said that the US version will feature collision detection on peripheral objects such as lamp poles, trees, and power posts. These items won't break away completely like most other objects in the game, but according to Duchert, they will still make a difference in the gameplay.

One of the major problems with the Japanese version of the game, originally developed by Climax Entertainment, is the poor handling characteristics of the game's vehicles. Digital Mayhem continues to work on that aspect of the game for its US release. "We are significantly changing the handling mechanics of the vehicles, especially the sports cars, police car, and a few others," explained Duchert. "All [of the vehicles] have been adjusted up, some more than others. They will be heavier and tighter than they were in the Japanese version. It won't be the same as Crazy Taxi, but they will be a lot tighter than they were in the past. The first time I tried it after [the handling] was changed, I shaved 45 seconds off my best time on the gather-bombs mission."

The Dreamcast version of Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition follows Felony 11-79 and Runabout 2 for the Sony PlayStation. The US version of the game, being published by Interplay, is currently set for release on August 31.

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