Urban Dance Uprising popped n' locked for PS2

Ubisoft to publish head-spinning rhythm dance game this holiday; soundtrack includes Kurtis Blow, Erik B. & Rakim.

Ubisoft is laying out the cardboard for PlayStation 2 gamers this year. The San Francisco-based branch of the French company today announced that it will be publishing Urban Dance Uprising, a new game from developer Artificial Mind and Movement. AMM is most famous for another hip-hop-related game, Get on Da Mic, a Karaoke-style rapping game published by Eidos Interactive.

Though Urban Dance Uprising sounds like it would be chock-full of kick-worming anarchists, it's actually a rhythm dancing game for virtual B-boys. Ubisoft hasn't released any clear details of the game's mechanics, but does say that it has "classic breakdancing gameplay" and supports the EyeToy camera peripheral.

There will be six modes of play, including three party modes that allow up to eight participants to get served. The game's 10 characters have a repertoire of more than 100 dance moves, and they can battle it out over 10 urban environments.

Providing the beats to get gamers flippin' and spinnin' will be old-school tracks from such hip-hop luminaries as Kurtis Blow, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Eric B. & Rakim. There will be 50 tracks in total.

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