Unreal Tournament 2003 demo details

The long-awaited demo for Epic's multiplayer shooter is said to be nearing release and will include four maps.

In a recent forum post, Epic's Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski released a few details on the upcoming Unreal Tournament 2003 multiplayer demo. Many fans have been waiting for the promised demo since early this summer, and while it's said to be close to release, Bleszinski didn't announce a release date, saying, "We could be more than two weeks away still."

The demo will contain four maps. Antalus, a deathmatch map, has an outdoor setting covered with grass and rolling hills. Another deathmatch map, Asbestos, is set in a factory location. Citadel is a capture the flag map that's similar to the UT map Facing Worlds, but with multiple paths. Anubis will represent the new bombing run game mode.

"One thing that I'm excited about with the new UT--all the game types will be very fun and viable online," Bleszinski said. "Assault and the original domination, as much as I love them, had some issues that prevented them from reaching their full potential online. Domination 2.0 and bombing run are right up there with CTF and other game types."

Unreal Tournament 2003 is scheduled for release this fall. For more information, check out our extensive coverage of the game.

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